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08 Mar, 2023

Linn-Marie Edlund recognized for promoting diversity in the games industry

Linn-Marie Edlund is awarded the Elisabeth Tegner Scholarship. Promoting diversity in the games industry has been a guiding principle throughout her career

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20 Sep, 2021

The TING! Student recruitment week 2021

A week-long event where games studios from around the world get to meet our super talented 3D artists and game designers, to find an intern or present their studio and get to know us!

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17 Jun, 2021

Game revealed at E3 2021!

Wimasima - has revealed its first game: Block'Em!

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31 May, 2021

The diversity of the Nordics in one game character

Big congratulations to the team at PixelPappa for the winning character design in the 'Nordic Originals Character Contest' at NG21.

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21 May, 2021

‘Diversity makes a difference’ at NG21

Futuregames presents a panel discussion on diversity in games at NG21.

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12 May, 2021

FASTTRACK – The Video Games Accelerator

Want to develop YOUR game?

9 month runway to develop your game and set up your studio.

The programme is eligible for CSN.

Develop a commercially viable product and a chance to get funding.

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26 Mar, 2021

SVT features Boden Gamecamp and Futuregames North

Boden is growing as a hub for game development in the North of Sweden. SVT interviews students and Boden Business Park.

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11 Feb, 2021

See our game programs starting in the fall of 2021!

We are excited to present all our game educations starting in the fall of 2021. Apply today and start your career in the games industry at one of our schools in Stockholm, Boden, Skellefteå, Karlstad or online.

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28 Jan, 2021

The beginning of a new game hub in Nordreisa – in the North of Norway

Nordreisa is set to become a thriving game hub, for both games’ education and games studios. Futuregames and Changemaker Educations are now opening in Nordreisa in collaboration with Halti Business Park. A remote school with a global reach.

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16 Dec, 2020

Female Legends role models for diversity in esports – awarded Elisabeth Tegner scholarship

Liza Lind and Lillie Klefelt at Female Legends are awarded the Elisabeth Tegner scholarship for leading the way to more equality and inclusivity in esports and the wider gaming community.

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08 Dec, 2020

Futuregames Live Sessions – the future of the games industry on Dec 16th

The first ever Futuregames Live Sessions - with trends and predictions from the games industry today and tomorrow. Sign up to our virtual session on December 16th at 12:30 - 13:15.

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16 Sep, 2019

Futuregames ranked Second Best Game Design School in the world!

For the second year in a row Futuregames have been named the second best game design school in the whole world by The Rookies!

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12 Apr, 2019

Olivia Follin – “Programming for games is a way for me to be creative”

What's it like to be a game programmer and where do you even get started? Olivia changed paths after studying economics and French for two years, and today she's one of the junior game developers on her way into the industry.

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31 Jan, 2019

Frozen Waffle – The First Game Studio in Boden

Emil Dahlberg, Sebastian Ojala and Max Bryngelsson are the founders of the first indie game studio in Boden - Frozen Waffle.

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