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Listen to Lisa och Eddie, Indie Game Developer students in Karlstad, talk about life at Futuregames

What our students say

"Futuregames felt like the correct decision when deciding how to get to the industry in the smoothes way possible. It gives resources that can't be found at most other schools like direct industry feedback and interaction and had the right amount of freedom for me."
Mattias Lundell - Game Designer student
"At Futuregames I learn new things every day. I'm studying 3D Graphics and have chosen to specialize in characters. I want to be part of creating something that impacts other people, creating someone's new favorite game."
Carin Backlund - 3D Artist student
"I heard of FutureGames from a friend and I was instantly hooked on trying to improve my skills any way I could. I wish to spread joy, to all gamers, worldwide by making new and interesting games. And I wish to be a part of the development as VR goes mainstream."
Oliver Lebert - Game Programmer student
”I’m studying my last year of Game Design at Futuregames. As a designer I get to meet and know a lot of experienced mentors from the game industry, and learn how things work at the studios. We learn a lot about working across disciplines at the school when we build games together.”
Sara Svedlund - Game Design student



GameChangers is a non-profit organisation run by Futuregames students who collaborate with the staff from all the schools to improve the school environment and organize non-curricular events and activities for both students and alumni. Our goal is to ensure that our students in Stockholm have an unforgettable time at Futuregames. We try and help to create connections between classmates and with industry professionals.