Being a student

What our students say

“Futuregames, as a top-ranked school, was a given choice for me, having already completed another game development education and wanted to hone my programming skills. My studies taught me a great deal about collaborative and iterative work since Futuregames emphasizes group projects, which have been the highlight of my education.”

Gustav Carlberg - Game Programmer student

“Choosing Futuregames for my studies was a clear decision driven by the lineup of industry-experienced teachers and the school's reputation. While I had other school    acceptances, the opportunity to learn from my industry idols was a decisive factor.”

Alice Kamil - Game Programmer student

"Futuregames trained me to be more confident in my craft, taking failures, redoing them, and then creating a vision that was sustainable for projects, portfolios, and so on to succeed. Futuregames has all the tools to support a student in accomplishing the goal of working in the gaming industry.”

Keziah Ferreira Dos Santos - Game Designer student

“What I can say regarding my experience and the highlight of my education is that I learned the most from the people sitting next to me. Everyone who came to school was open to give and receive help. I've met people from very different backgrounds in life, which meant different perspectives - a necessity when working in games. I definitely wouldn't have gotten to where I am today without their help and support.”

Marcos Correa - Game Designer student



GameChangers is a non-profit organisation run by Futuregames students who collaborate with the staff from all the schools to improve the school environment and organize non-curricular events and activities for both students and alumni. Our goal is to ensure that our students in Stockholm have an unforgettable time at Futuregames. We try and help to create connections between classmates and with industry professionals.

Web Shop

Web Shop

Being a student of game development isn’t just about learning and practicing skills, it’s also about being part of a community. That’s why we’ve created a web shop of merchandise specifically for our students. Hope you will like it!