About Futuregames


Ranked as one of the best game development school in the world

At Futuregames we offer a whole range of different types of education and at many different levels, from short courses for experienced professionals to full time programs for future game developers just getting started in the industry. With almost 25 years of experience Futuregames has consistently ranked as one of the best game educations in the world and our former students make up over 11% of the Swedish games industry working across game art, game design, programming, game marketing and more.

We pride ourselves on making our educations as close to the professional industry as we possibly can and we work with some of the best games companies like Avalanche Studios, Star Stable, Coldwood Interactive, Zordix, Paradox Arctic, Turborilla, Level Eight, North Kingdom, King, Ubisoft, EA DICE, Fatshark Games, Starbreeze Studios, Glorious Games Group, NEAT Corporation, Epic Games etc… We add to the list every year!


A part of AcadeMedia

Changemaker Educations AB is a part of AcadeMedia, Scandinavia’s leading education provider. AcadeMedia is an operative in the whole education chain: pre-school, primary school, high school, and vocational education.

Read more about AcadeMedia’s guarantee here.

Diversity makes a difference

About half a billion people play a computer game every day! They come from every corner of the world and are just as diverse as our planet is!  At Futuregames of course we see diversity as an essential part of everything we do, from the students who study with us to the staff and teachers we employ. But diversity is also crucial for the games we make! We want to break norms, make real change and inspire future generations to see games as inclusive, safe and as truly creative spaces. We want to be ambitious; we don’t  think that games just give us places to play but are vital for our future development. They’re an important part of our lives, our cultural diversity, they provide the social spaces where we meet and frame the way we will communicate with each other now and in the future.

Ok! these are big words! But if we really want to be diverse it’s not about what we say about what we want to do, but what we are doing every day.

  • We reach out to the world in all our communication in ways that are inclusive
  • We reach out to people regardless of their identity
  • We never discriminate because of religious belief, political opinion, ethnicity, origin, functional variation, age, gender, sexual orientation, non-binary identity marital and family status
  • We are open and transparent
  • We act directly and quickly when anyone breaks our codes of conduct

How we teach

To make this work we have developed a central pedagogical idea for all our educations as a process of Learning by Doing and Learning by Reflection that together create what we call Action Learning.

We have identified a number of critical factors during all the courses we have conducted, which strengthens the success of this pedagogy.

  • Objectives: Whether it’s for projects, courses or training as a whole we create clear objectives that are constantly in focus for both students and teachers.
  • Frames: the resources we use, the time frames we operate in, and the facilities and technologies we work with, must be clear to help build real co-creation.
  • Attitudes to Learning: Our teachers, mentors and students must all be aware that in education we are all in a situation of constant learning.
  • Feedback and reflection: Students and teachers need to have systematic and consistent feedback on what they do.
  • Systematization: The organization, communication and information channels we use must be clear and transparent.
  • Values: Education must have clear values that permeate everything we do, from walking into the school reception to highly complex collaborative game projects.


Our Vision

To provide each individual with the competence and the context to be able to contribute to sustainable change for themselves and for society. 

Our Mission

To be a school that provides innovative educations that give people updated skills and tools to solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Meet the next generation of game professionals

Check out our YouTube channel to see game trailers produced by our students.

The details

Futuregames programs are accredited and regulated by Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education MYH. Currently we operate at four sites in Stockholm, Boden, Skellefteå and Karlstad and you can find all our current programs at our four locations here.

Our programs are classified as Higher Vocational Educations. This type of post high school education was developed by the Swedish Government as a response to the direct needs of the labor market and MYH carry out regular evaluations and inspections of all accredited schools. A key part of the YH system is the requirement that more than 80% of the graduated students find a job within the industry within six months of completing their education.

This acts as guarantee that we are completely focused on maintaining our close ties with the industry and making sure that all our students find jobs as soon as they graduate.

Preparatory course

Futuregames educations are very popular and we get lots of applicants. Because of this we offer our preparatory course. This is a three-week long course that gives you the chance to improve the work samples that are necessary for your Futuregames application.