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Our team

Our team

Ahmad Priabudiman

Head Teacher Game Artist


Allan Grandestedt

IT Manager

+ 46 736 733 305

Anders Pettersson

Senior Advisor

Andrew Allen

Education Leader QA/Game Tester, Webbutvecklare e-handel, Game Artist, Game Programmer, Game Designer

+46 722 459 955

Anna Angser

Education Coordinator Experience Designer, Agile Project Manager, Webbutvecklare e-handel

+46 731 445 891

Catharina Boston Cronholm
(on leave of absence)

Site Manager Changemaker Educations

+46 702 172 828

Cindy Kosakowski

Education Coordinator

Clara Parona

Head of Education Game Designer

+46 708 285 822

Cristian Valdes

Financial Manager

Dominique Lecapre

Head of Education Experience Designer, Chief Digital Officer

+46 731 445 898

Emelie Fågelstedt
(on leave of absence)

Senior Advisor, Communicator

Emelie Pettersson

Education Coordinator

+46 721 678 348

Erica Stråhle
(on parental leave)

Project Manager, Education Coordinator Immersive Experience Creator

+46 709 445 934

Erik Glastra

Head Teacher Project Management

Estelle Graf

Communication Manager

Gabriel Forsén

Head Teacher Game Artist

Ghazal Taghavi

Head of Education Game Artist

Ia Öberg
(on parental leave)

Head of Education Experience Designer

Ieva Bimbiryte

Education Coordinator

Jenny Hellspong

Office Manager

+46 709 740 692

Jesper Wallerborg

Head of Education Immersive Experience Creator

Joel Fällbom

Head Teacher Game and UX Design

Juan Gauthier

Head of Education Game Artist

Julia Iljina

Head Teacher Game Designer

Justine Chan

Community Manager

Karin Olofsson

Education Coordinator

+46 731 445 928

Kim Bellman

Service Coordinator

+46 731 445 928

Krister Cederlund

Head of Education Game Programmer

+46 731 445 895

Krister Widell

Head of Education Experience Designer, Webbutvecklare e-handel

+46 705 764 192

Lena Wennersten

Education Coordinator Game Designer

Lina Ekström Morin

Head of Education Arctic Hospitality Leader, Site Manager Boden

+46 702 214 630

Linda Jefferson

Project Manager

Linda Morén

Head of Education Experience Designer, Site Manager Karlstad

Michelle Qaisi

Education Coordinator Game Programmers, Game Artist

+46 731 445 929

Miriam Skogsäng Lund

Head of Education Agile Project Manager, Agile Project Leader

Oscar Lindqvist

Head of Education Webbutvecklare E-handel, Frontend Developer

Oskar Pettersson

Head of Education Indie Game Developer

Per Myrén

Head of Development

+46 709 692 452

Sara-Mari Eriksson

Site Manager Skellefteå, Education Coordinator

+46 703 271 406

Staffan Olsson

Teacher Indie Game Developer

Susanna Goldkuhl Tegnevall

Education Coordinator

Thommy Holmström

Head of Education Game Designer

Tom Løyche


+46 703 513 437

Wendy Sandström

IT Coordinator

William Easton

Head of Futuregames, Site Manager Stockholm

+46 721 637 655
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