How can we help you?

Questions about the application process

If you have questions related to the application process, eligibility, or admission process, you’re welcome to contact our admissions office.

You can chat with us during the daytime. You will find the chat in the bottom right corner.

Send an email to 

Call us on 019 – 100 080
Opening hours: Weekdays 9:00-12:00 (variations may occur).

General questions

If you have questions that aren’t specific to the application process, a particular program or if you’re unsure whom to contact, please feel free to email us or get in touch with us by phone using the information below.


+46 8 336 015
Opening hours: refer to the footer.

Specific questions about a program

If you’re curious about program start dates, course plans, or the application process, among such aspects, the best approach is to contact the head of education for the program you’re interested in. You’ll find the contact details below.

Ahmad Priabudiman

Head of Education Animation & VFX Artist

Ali Farha

Head of Education
Game Producer
Futuregames Warsaw

Amra Tucakovic

Education Coordinator
Game Design

Andrew Allen

Head of Education QA/Game Tester & Game Programmer

Anna Leffler Peura

Education Coordinator Front End Developer, Agile Project Manager & Experience Designer

Blair Bergman

Head Teacher
Indie Game Developer

Clara Parona

Head of Education
Game Designer

Dominique Lecapre

Head of Education
Experience Designer

Ellinor Westh

Head of Education
Experience Design and Game Artist Karlstad

Erica Stråhle

Head of Education Immersive Experience Creator

Eskil Loftsson

Head teacher
Immersive Experience Creator

Fredrik Nordström

Head of Education GameDev Indie & Indie Game Developer

Frida Kraus

Site Manager Boden/Skellefteå

Ieva Bimbiryte

International Student Coordinator
Education Coordinator Malmö

Joel Fällbom

Head of Educations
Game Artist North & Game Programming Mobile Platforms

Julia Iljina

Head of Education
Game & UX Designer

Lars Österberg

Site Manager Futuregames Stockholm

Lena Wennersten

Education Coordinator
Immersive Experience Creator & Preparatory courses

Maria Burström

Head of Education
Arctic Hospitality Leader & Foodmaker
Education Coordinator Game Designer

Michelle Qaisi

Education Coordinator
Game Artist

Miriam Skogsäng Lund

Head of Education
Agile Project Manager & Frontend Developer

Oliver Karlsson

Education Coordinator
Game Artist North
Game Designer North
Game & UX Designer

Oscar Lindqvist

Site Manager Malmö
Head of Education
Game Programmer & Game Artist

Piotr Matecki

Head of School & Business Developer Warsaw

Susanna Goldkuhl

Education Coordinator
Game Programmer North & QA/Game Tester

Thommy Holmström

Head of Education
Game Programmer