20 Mar, 2023

Meet Carolina Costa – international game programmer student at Futuregames

Carolina Costa is from Portugal and studies at our Game Programmer education. We caught up with Carolina to learn more about what it is like to be an international student at Futuregames.

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08 Mar, 2023

Linn-Marie Edlund recognized for promoting diversity in the games industry

Linn-Marie Edlund is awarded the Elisabeth Tegner Scholarship. Promoting diversity in the games industry has been a guiding principle throughout her career

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06 Mar, 2023

Game Artist Specialization in Stockholm open for international students

International students can now apply for Game Artist Specialization at Futuregames in Stockholm!

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02 Mar, 2023

Futuregames starts Game Artist and Game Programmer in Malmö

Per Myrén, founder of Futuregames, is interviewed about our new site in Malmö.

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20 Feb, 2023

IEC starts project with Jakob La Cour and Tekniska Museet

Futuregames Immersive Experience Creator class starts a unique 4 week project lead by the award winning Danish performing artist and immersion designer Jakob La Cour and Tekniska Museet as stage partner.  

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09 Feb, 2023

Study at Futuregames in Boden – listen to what our students have to say!

Are you considering studying at Futuregames in Boden? Here is what our Game Designer students have to say about the experience.

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01 Feb, 2023

Apply to Futuregames educations 2023

Applications for Futuregames are now open!

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30 Jan, 2023

Futuregames presents Professional Development Week

Futuregames has completed our first Professional Development Week. 

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18 Jan, 2023

Online Open House at Futuregames Sweden – February 15th

We are happy to announce that it is time for Futuregames Online Open House – on February 15th!

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12 Jan, 2023

Here are the YH-Educations for 2023

We are delighted to announce that we will continue to bring you our flagship YH-educations this year!

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20 Dec, 2022

Welcome to TING III Programmers – 7 & 10 February 2023

Futuregames are happy to announce The Ting III Programmers, the event where game studios from Sweden and around the world get to meet and find an intern from our pool of super-talented game programmers.

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14 Dec, 2022

International students – apply to Futuregames 2023 from December 15!

International application submissions for the Fall term 2023 open on December 15.

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12 Dec, 2022

First ever XR-school VR-e-sports championship

This weekend, the first ever XR school VR-e sports tournament took place. 

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24 Nov, 2022

Welcome to Futuregames Online Open House – International Students

We are happy to announce that it is time for Futuregames Online Open House - International Students on December 15th. We can’t wait to meet you!

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01 Nov, 2022

Futuregames students winners in Dragons’ Den

At Invest in games event by Dataspelsbranschen, our students won the Dragons Den pitching contest with their project Out of Sight.

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28 Oct, 2022

TING North – successful premiere in Boden

Following up on the previous meet and greets hosted over the last years, Futuregames were happy to host the first TING at Boden Business Park. TING North got off to a great start!

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26 Oct, 2022

Game Project 1 North at Teknikens Hus

The first-year students at Futuregames in Boden and Skellefteå showed Game Project 1 at Teknikens Hus in Luleå. An exciting day as invited school classes, and later, the public could try out the games.

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25 Oct, 2022

TING III – 4 days of great meetings

The third edition of the TING has been held. The week-long event where games studios from around the world meet students at Futuregames was once again a success!

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20 Oct, 2022

Shockholm – the largest physidigital Halloween parade

Don't miss Shockholm on Nov 5th - a physidigital Halloween experience with immersive features brought to life with support from Futuregames.

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17 Oct, 2022

Future mobility – Futuregames at Tekniska

The first-year students at Futuregames in Stockholm and Karlstad showed their first game project at Tekniska museet in Stockholm to 125 children.

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10 Oct, 2022

Welcome to The TING North! Thursday October 20 2022

Welcome to The TING North - student recruitment event featured and hosted by Futuregames and Boden Game camp! Thursday 20th of October in Boden.

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