02 Jul, 2024

Discover Futuregames North: Student Q&A Session

Two students share their experiences and answer questions about studying gamedev in northern Sweden.

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26 Jun, 2024

Fall term 2024 – don’t forget to accept your place!

We have now sent out admission notifications for the fall programmes.

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25 Jun, 2024

Futuregames and Arctic Game Open House in Umeå

Welcome to the Futuregames and Arctic Game Open House in Umeå!
At this event, Andreas Waleij from Arctic Game will delve into the vibrant ecosystem of the games industry in Umeå and northern Sweden. 

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28 May, 2024

“Studying in Umeå gives you a unique opportunity”

We asked Head of Education Joel Fällbom: Why is Futuregames Umeå the perfect place to study gamedev?

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15 May, 2024

Mark Frygell – artist and Immersive Experience Creator

Mark Frygell is an artist and a former student of the Immersive Experience Creator education.

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03 May, 2024

You can still apply to Futuregames 2024!

We're open for late applications.

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08 Apr, 2024

International students – you can still apply to Futuregames!

Applications for International Students are open until May 16.

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03 Apr, 2024

Antonio Obeid – programmer with a passion for gamedev

Antonio Obeid is a Lebanese student attending Futuregames Warsaw remotely, due to difficult times.

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5 questions to Fredrik Borg, Game & UX Designer student at Futuregames Skellefteå

Meet Fredrik Borg, to learn more about the Game & UX Design education and what it's like to study in Skellefteå.

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18 Mar, 2024

Internship experiences – meet our Game Designers in Boden again!

Game Designers '22 in Boden are now undertaking their internships, here's a few stories from the students.

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05 Mar, 2024

“Thanks to Futuregames, my dreams came true!”

Kamila Kuźmiuk dreamed of creating sign language-only games. Now that dream can come true!

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17 Feb, 2024

AR, VR, XR, MR – “All industries can use immersive storytelling!”

Alexi Bergh Betancor is one of many Futuregames alumni who has found an exciting role in their professional life. We spoke to Alexi about his role at Volumental and what the Immersive Experience Creator education has meant to him.

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15 Feb, 2024

What do our students say about being a Game Programmer?

We decided to pass the mic to the real stars: our students!

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01 Feb, 2024

Apply to Futuregames educations 2024

Applications for Futuregames are now open!

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26 Jan, 2024

FGA ’23 – the inaugural Futuregames Awards

The very first edition of the Futuregames Awards has taken place at our school in Stockholm!

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22 Jan, 2024

Games are good! Meet-Up in Warsaw

Watch the Meet-Up with Luigi Annicchiarico, Production Acting Lead at CD PROJEKT RED.

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21 Jan, 2024

Study at Futuregames in Boden – listen to what our students have to say!

Are you considering studying at Futuregames in Boden? Here is what our Game Designer students have to say about the experience.

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15 Jan, 2024

Study in Skellefteå – everything is within reach!

In collaboration with Arctic Game and Campus Skellefteå, we offer creative education in the gaming and tech industries. There are both student housing options and internship companies that require your expertise.

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13 Jan, 2024

“I’ve always been incredibly interested in both UX and game design”

Embarking on a quest to fuse his passion for UX and game design, Wictor Sundstedt set his sights on the Game & UX Designer education at Futuregames in Skellefteå.

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12 Jan, 2024

Futuregames continues to shape tomorrow’s game developers in northern Sweden

We are proud to announce that we can continue offering our educations in the north of Sweden!

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08 Jan, 2024

Game Producer’s Daily Quest – webinar with Ali Farha & Ryu Underhill

In case you missed it - see the recording of the first in a series of webinars!

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