Merit Scholarships

For international students

Merit scholarship winners 2023!

Futuregames Merit Scholarship Committee has now chosen the scholarship winners:

Vui Kent Chua (Malaysia) – winner in the category “Futuregames Merit Scholarship”. Accepted in the Game Programmer Specialization education in Stockholm.

Kateryna Kryshchenko (Ukraine) – winner in the category “Futuregames Merit Scholarship for Ukrainian citizens”. Accepted in the Game Artist Specialization education in Malmö.



Futuregames Merit scholarship 2023

Futuregames wants to make a difference! Everyone from the whole world should have the chance to be part of our educations, and from 2023 Futuregames will offer one merit scholarship for an outstanding student to study with us at one of our 5 locations. The scholarship is awarded to an applicant who demonstrates outstanding potential.

Merit scholarship for Ukrainian citizens 2023

At Futuregames we really try to respond in a humanitarian way to the world around us. For this reason and given the continuing crisis in Ukraine, we will be offering an additional Merit Scholarship this year to a Ukrainian citizen for the autumn school start 2023 for any of our full-time educations.

The conditions of the scholarship and the method of application are the same as for our other Merit Scholarship. If you are eligible by citizenship, mark your merit scholar application letter with “Ukrainian scholarship”.

Merit scholarship winners 2022!

Futuregames Merit Scholarship Committee has now chosen four scholarship winners for our schools in Boden, Stockholm, Skellefteå and Karlstad. And the winners are:

Bryan Lobo (India) – Game Designer in Boden
Carolina Costa (Portugal) – Game Programmer in Stockholm
Dany Abou Naccoul (Lebanon) – Game & UX Designer in Skellefteå
Yahya Khajehi (Iran) – Game Artist in Karlstad


What the scholarship covers? 

  • The scholarships will cover the full (100%) cost for tuition for any full-time Futuregames’ program.
  • The scholarship will not cover living expenses during the period of study. Scholars must also fulfil all other financial requirements of the Swedish Migration Agency.

How we choose the winner of the Merit Scholarship

Our scholarships are competitive. The head teachers of each program submit a candidate from their own program and the final selection is made by The Head of Futuregames. Above all else, applicants must demonstrate clear reasons for why an education at Futuregames will help their own future professional ambitions.

How to apply?

  • Go through the eligibility checklist carefully.
  • Write a letter of motivation and include it in your application to study at Futuregames. The letter must be marked “Merit scholarship” and should describe:
  1. Why you are in need of financial assistance.
  2. Which program you have applied to and why.
  3. Your past achievements in relation to the education to which you are applying.
  4. How the scholarship will benefit you professionally.
  5. What makes you stand out as a potential merit scholar.


Save your scholarship application letter in a PDF format and send it in an email together with your application to Futuregames program(s) to

Eligibility Checklist

  • You must be a citizen from outside of the Nordic region (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish citizens are not eligible to apply).
  • You must make an application to study at one of our full-time programs and include your letter of motivation.
  • You will be considered for a merit scholarship once you have received a formal offer for a full-time program at Futuregames Stockholm, Boden, Skellefteå or Karlstad. As such, you must have fulfilled all application requirements for study at Futuregames and received an offer for studying with us.
  • Final distribution of the scholarship is subject to applicants providing confirmation of the residence permit/visa approval by The Swedish Migration Agency. Applications to the Swedish Migration Agency are the responsibility of all international students and should be made in good time. The scholarship can only be officially awarded once a proof that a visa and/or residence permit has been granted is presented to the school.
  • Note: EU citizens do not need to apply neither for a residence permit nor a visa for study in Sweden. However, you will need to register with the Swedish Tax Agency upon your arrival in Sweden. Information on the registration can be found here.
  • If you are selected for a merit scholarship, you will be guaranteed the award in your first year of study. The scholarship will be approved for the following year if you receive a passing grade for the first year of study approved by the head of education for your program.
  • This scholarship cannot be deferred to a future year of entry. If you decide to defer entry to another year you forfeit this award.
  • The scholarship will be applied as a tuition fee waiver only, there is no cash alternative.


Responsibilities of Successful Merit Scholars

  • Merit scholars must achieve passing grades in the first year of study approved by the head of education of their program to be eligible to receive the award for their subsequent year of education.
  • Merit scholars will be asked to participate in the marketing events at least twice during their period of study (e.g., interviews for marketing purposes, presentations of themselves and their work on the Futuregames website and in social media, participation in student recruitment events, etc.).


Last updated: 2022-01-24

Application and Deadline

Deadline for application (Fall term 2023): April 2, 2023.

Announcement of the merit scholarship winners: May-June, 2023.

Apply by sending an email marked with “Merit Scholarships”, including your letter of motivation to

Last updated: 2023-03-27



If you have questions, please reach out to Ieva Bimbiryte, International Student Coordinator.

Ieva Bimbiryte

International Student Coordinator
Education Coordinator Malmö