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Admissions Process at Futuregames

Application Guide for Nordic Residents

Below, you can read about the application, selection, and admission process at Futuregames.

Application Period

Typically, the application period for the autumn semester is open from the beginning of February until May.

Dates 2024

Nordic residents:

We are open for late applications!
The final admission dates will vary for different programs.

Regular application dates:
‣ Application opens: February 1
‣ Application closes: May 16
‣ Admission letter is expected at the end of June

International Applicants:
Applying as an international student? Please proceed to our international student page.

Looking for our open houses?

When we have open houses planned, you will find more information about dates and other details here.


How to apply


 Step 1  Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button on the education page for the program you want to apply to.
Note: The button is only visible when the application is open.


Step 2  You will now be directed to our admission system, Yh-antagning. Here, you will fill in your information and upload the required documents.


Steg 3   Upon submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation through Yh-antagning, confirming that we have received your application.


Which documents should you submit?  

For your application to be considered, it is important that it is complete. To submit a complete application, upload the following documents: 

  • High school diploma/other certificates. 
  • CV/personal letter. 
  • ‘Work sample’ proving your qualifications – details on what to submit are on the web page for each education. 
  • Other diplomas or certificates relevant for the education such as previous university study, technical courses etc.  

Please note:
Your CV, personal letter, and work sample(s) are all required to be written in English.

It is important to keep the following in mind when uploading documents or screenshots for your application: 

  • All documents must be of good quality and clarity. 
  • Full names must be included and be clear. 
  • Personal identification number must be clearly visible. 

Name Your Documents Correctly: 

When applying, it is important to upload the correct documents to reduce the risk of missing information or being ineligible for the course. Therefore, please name all uploaded documents correctly to ensure that your application is complete.

For example:

If you have international qualifications: 

  • If you have an international diploma and grades, you need to have them translated/assessed by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) before uploading them in your application. 
  • If you are registered with the Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen), you can get support to validate your skills. 


Requirement to apply

For each specific program, you can access information about the particular eligibility requirements for the program to which you wish to apply.

> Visit our programs

Once you have submitted your application, we will begin assessing your eligibility. There are two types of qualifications you must meet to be eligible for admission to a program:

Basic Qualification: 

Upper secondary school diploma or municipal adult education with at least 2,250 credits and passing grades in English 5, Mathematics 1, and Swedish 1, or equivalent. You may have also studied at a folk high school or a foreign upper secondary school or have other education or practical experience that gives you the necessary qualifications for the course. 

Special Qualifications: 

Each program has specific qualification requirements for admission. This could include a grade in a specific upper secondary course or a requirement for work experience. When professional experience is part of the application, it is important to be able to prove your experience, for example, through a work certificate or other official documentation from a previous employer. 

To ensure that a certificate for work experience is accepted and registered, the following information must be clearly stated: 

  • The length of the employment (start and end date) 
  • The scope (%) 
  • A job description 

Please note that a certificate of employment cannot be used as proof of professional experience. 

Own Company: In some cases, you may have acquired professional experience by working in your own company. In this situation, it is important to have proof of the company as registered such as through a professional association or an accountant. You will also need to state the extent of the work – full time/ part time etc. 

Other Means to Meet Eligibility

If we evaluate your application as “ineligible” we will get in touch with you. This may involve requesting you to supplement your application or asking you to complete a qualification test. Below, you can find more information about how you can become eligible for a program in cases where you do not meet the required criteria.

Required Qualifications: 

If you lack grades in Swedish 2, English 6, Mathematics 2, or Programming 1, you can still apply if you take the entrance/Qualification Tests in time. (See Qualification Test below) 

Applying Through Real Competence: 

If you do not meet the requirements, such as not having achieved a secondary school diploma, you are still able to apply, it is important to know that equivalent skills (Real Competence) can be acquired in several other ways. You may have further education or have work experience in game development, or related fields, in which case you can demonstrate your real-life skills in your application. Please note that you will need to be able to prove your competence with other documents such as a record of your work experience at a company. 

20% Rule: 

As education providers, we also have the option to adopt the 20% rule, which allows us to make exceptions to the formal qualification requirements in cases where we believe that the applicant has sufficient experience and will be able to complete the education and be active in the profession after graduation. We can only apply this rule to 20% of the total number of places on the course. This means that there is fierce competition for these places, so it is recommended that you demonstrate eligibility by demonstrating your skills and interest in other ways. 


You can read more about eligibility and admission here:  

Qualification Test

Prove your competence

We are offering qualification tests for those who lack credentials in specific subjects. You can demonstrate your competence through a written test. Upon passing, you will be qualified in that subject.

To take the test, please submit your application via We will contact you if you do not meet the eligibility requirements.

Note that the test will be conducted digitally and remotely. Each candidate is permitted to take the test only once.


Candidate Selection Process

Candidate selection process

In cases where we have more eligible applicants than available places, a selection is made. The selection methods used differ for each program and may include a work test, written test, or oral test. 

Taking the selection method offered for each program will increase your chances of being admitted. 

The test will assess your knowledge within certain criteria depending on program, and all applicants will be ranked on a points-scale to determine who will be offered a place on the course. To learn more about the selection process and criteria please visit the program specific page.  

The Boards of Education for the respective educations will then decide who will be admitted to the course, and you will receive a response regarding your application by the end of June. 

If you are eligible, you may be admitted or placed on a reserve list. 


Admission notices for the autumn semester will be sent out at the end of June. 

Once you get your acceptance letter, make sure to accept within seven (7) days of being notified. If you don’t respond on time, you might lose your place.

For information, check out the tabs below.


Admission and reserves 

You will receive one of the following notification via email and your YH Admissions account:

It means that you will be offered a place. Those who are accepted have accumulated the most credit points in the selection process.

It means that you have a good chance of getting a place on the programme if one of the accepted applicants declines the offered place.

You can track your reserve number on Please note that you have the possibility to get into the desired programme even after the programme has started. 

It means that you are not eligible for the programme. If you are ineligible, you will always be notified via as soon as we have processed your application.

It is important that you keep up to date throughout the spring, so you don’t miss out! 

Accept within seven days

If you have been offered a place on the programme, you must accept within seven (7) days of being notified. Please note that your place will be offered to another applicant if you do not respond within the response time. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at: 


Once you have been admitted

About School, Starting Your Studies, and CSN 

This section covers what you need to know before starting your studies at Futuregames. 

Starting Your Studies 

Once you have been accepted to a program, you will receive a welcome letter from your Head of Education via YH Admissions. This letter includes information about your program and the date for the rollcall when you are required to be present (on-site with the possibility of online registration) and the introduction to the education. 

Around 2-4 weeks before the term begins, you will receive a start-up letter with updated information about the start-up/roll call. One week before the start, you will receive login details for your school account and our IT handbook. It is important to log in to these systems before the term starts. 

Roll call  

Attendance at roll call is required to secure your place in the education. The time for roll call is provided in the start-up letter. Your attendance is also necessary for reporting to CSN (Centrala studiestödsnämnden), which is done after the semester begins. Everyone who attends the roll call will be reported to CSN digitally. 

CSN is the government agency that administers student financial aid in Sweden. Your attendance at the roll call is a prerequisite for reporting to CSN. If you are eligible for student financial aid, you must apply for it yourself. You can find more information about CSN on their website. 


A common question we get before the start of your studies is regarding CSN. Here we answer some of the questions about how to apply for student grants: 

  • Apply at  
  • Indicate the term dates and credits (which you received in the start-up letter) 
  • CSN will ask you to submit a study declaration. This is done electronically by clicking a button under “my pages” on 

Each program has different study periods and YH credits, so it is important to make sure you enter the correct times/credits for your program. 

When can I apply for CSN?  

You can apply for student funding once you have been accepted to a program, but you will not receive any payment until you have submitted a declaration of study. We report digitally to CSN that you have started your study period. 

What is meant by a study declaration?  

The declaration of study means that you promise and certify to CSN that you are studying. This is usually done under “my pages” on No written certificates, signatures, or stamps are usually needed. You simply press a button. In special cases, CSN may ask you to submit the study declaration in another way, for example by filling in a form. CSN will then give you instructions on how to do this. You can send the declaration of enrolment to CSN no earlier than 7 days before the start of your course. 

For more information on how to apply for student loans and submit a study declaration, please refer to the following resources: 

How many credits are there per study period? 

For full-time courses, each week is worth 5 YH credits. For half-time education, each week is worth 2.5 YH credits. 

Educational Support

Educational support for people with functional variation 

If you have a functional variation, you can receive special educational support. At Futuregames, we want to provide equal opportunities for all students to study with us. 

Once you have been admitted to a program 

Please, contact the education coordinator/head of education if you require special educational support.  

Inform us about your support needs 

Inform us of your support needs so that we can provide you with the right conditions and determine the necessary support to help you succeed in your studies. We will follow up on the support measures to ensure they have been effective and helpful, allowing you to become more independent in your studies in the long term. The support we provide should be necessary and allow you to study in a comparable way to other students. 

As studying with us requires a certain degree of independence, the amount of support you can receive is limited. You will also need a certificate confirming your functional variation, documented by a qualified assessor. 

If your need for support is due to a recognized permanent disability, the school may apply for a financial contribution from the Swedish Agency for Higher Education for certain support measures. 

You cannot receive educational support to compensate for leave or sick leave, or for support for returning to study after a long absence.   

For more information on educational support, visit CSN’s website for student grants for higher rates for those with functional variation or Yrkeshögskolan’s website for information on educational support and accessibility. 

When are you not eligible for educational support?  

You cannot apply for special educational support to compensate for time off or for sick leave. Also, the fact that it has been a long time since you last studied is not a reason to receive special educational assistance. 


For more information on educational support, please refer to the following resources:  

Contact us

If you wish to get more information about the application process, eligibility or admissions, please contact us by sending an email.