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About the education

In collaboration with Epic Games!

From a prototype to a game experience. Individually, and as a team.

Futuregames Game Engines is a 12-week course. Working in close collaboration with Epic Games and Unity, and with seasoned industry professionals, the course provides the necessary upskilling and reskilling and practical game development knowledge to advance in the industry.

The course will be conducted in a series of production stages, where each step forward requires reflection and evaluation in order to proceed to the next step. The course is carefully prepared with exercises and assets and professional mentoring at every stage.

The goals of the education

After completing the education participants will:

  • Have a thorough understanding of the potential of the chosen game engine
  • A solid foundation in visual programming for game engines
  • A good understanding of prototyping and working on game development projects
  • Have undertaken the design and production through visual programming of a game or games
  • Developed a prototype for a game with target group-adapted production

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How to apply

All applicants must have basic competence within Programming 1, or equivalent skills.

To prove your skills, please upload your diploma from high school, CV / personal letter or any other certificates that may prove your experience.


This course is eligible with CSN. Apply on their website at

As soon as you’ve got your letter of application from us you can apply with CSN. If you need extra papers from the school, please contact your course manager. The school reports to CSN regularly to make sure all the students are continuing their studies, as part of the agreement between CSN and each student.


Future career roles: 

Unreal Developer

Game Engines Developer

Game Engines Designer

Course manager

Course manager

Thommy Holmström

Head of Education Game Designer

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