Immersive Experience Creator

About the education

Shape the future of immersive experiences!

Join the creation of the virtual world and start shaping the future of immersive experiences such as Metaverse, VR gaming or AR mobile entertainment, among others.

Become an immersive experience creator with VR/AR/XR/MR!

As an immersive experience creator, you will learn to analyze, evaluate, and produce projects within VR / AR / XR / MR and other immersive media with regard to technical design, content, design language, visual trends, and target group. Theoretical knowledge is combined with practical exercises in storytelling, scripting, and narrative for immersive media.

The focus is on knowledge in the fast-growing immersive sector, on the possibilities of the medium, and on the recipient’s perception and cognition. You gain knowledge in analyzing results within the medium, in order to be able to determine whether they correspond to the requirements set by the end user and the customer. This also includes knowledge of strategy for productions that is linked directly to the target group and the business benefits.

To succeed as an immersive creator, you need knowledge of how to pitch ideas, create visual presentations, conduct customer meetings, and workshops. The training gives you knowledge of different technical formats, playback, delivery, and storage.

LIA (lärande i arbete), also known as internship is a part of the program. The practical part of your internship/LIA deepens your learning and provides you with the work experience required to develop today’s and tomorrow’s immersive experiences. You will also get the opportunity to build your network and create relationships with future employers in the duration of the program.


Overview of Learning Outcomes after completion

  • How to best create content for immersive media (VR, AR, and other interactive video and audio).
  • Knowledge of conditions, rules, and concepts in storytelling, script and narrative in immersive media.
  • Knowledge in the research sector and new opportunities in the development of both software and hardware as well as the recipient’s perception of these.
  • Knowledge of how to safely analyze results within the immersive medium for fulfilling both; the entertainment industry, the research and education sector and to be able to determine whether the results correspond to the requirements set by the end user and the customer.
  • Knowledge in strategy for the production of immersive experiences that are directly linked to target group and business benefit.
  • Knowledge of how to create presentations, pitches, customer meetings, and workshops within immersive media.
  • Knowledge in different formats for production, delivery and storage of productions.
  • Well-versed in usability, design and UX (user experience) in immersive media, as well as design language and visual trends.

Educational plan

Consumer Behavior: Immersive Media
10YHP / 2w
20YHP / 4w
Form & Design of Immersive Media
20YHP / 4w
Presentation and pitch for Immersive Media
10YHP / 2w
Creative and production planning for Immersive Media
20YHP / 4w
Storytelling and narration for Immersive Media
20YHP / 4w
Strategies for Immersive Media
20YHP / 4w
Technique and innovation for Immersive Media
20YHP / 4w
UX (user experience) for Immersive Media
20YHP / 4w
Immersive Production
60YHP / 12w
Lärande i Arbete (LIA)/Internship
80YHP / 16w



  • Grades or proof of post graduate qualifications from upper secondary school/high school or equivalent.
  • CV and a personal letter (letting us know why you have chosen the specific program).

Term times

We will give you more information about the term times when you are admitted to the education.

Most semesters are of different durations, and it is important that you report the correct time period and the correct YH points to CSN. Each study week corresponds to five (5) yh-points, i.e. each day corresponds to one (1) yh-point, provided that you continuously pass your modules with approved results.

How to apply

Quick Facts

Application link for Immersive Experience Creator here.

To apply as an international student, please proceed to our international student page to read through the application process.


Information required to complete your application


  • High school diploma or equivalent.


  • Documentation for special prerequisites.


  • CV and personal letter.


  • Work sample (more information below).


  • Possible certificates and other grading documents.


When you apply, you usually need to state the desired location where you wish to study if the education is available on multiple locations that year.


Please note that your CV, personal letter, and work sample(s) are all required to be written in English.



Selection Process


If we receive more applications than we have seats, we will assess applicantions by the score in their work samples (keep scrolling for more details).


The applicants with the highest score, regardless of location, will be offered a seat to the program, and other eligible applicants will be in our wait list.


Work Sample – What to submit?


A short story that you have created, and would like to develop into an immersive experience.


The format for your story is free choice. It could be a script, storyboards, a video or animation, audio, flat or 360 photo/video, moodboards, concept art, light projections, LARP-setup, live performance or a 3D world / environment in a virtual venue like Mozilla Hubs, VR-chat etc. Or any combination.


In short, anything that shows your initiative and view of storytelling in immersive narrative formats.


What to Showcase?


Your work sample should be focused on describing your view of immersive storytelling and showcase the field you would like to explore. However, you can always add your portfolio or mention other ideas you have worked on in the last paragraph of the document you submit.


It doesn’t have to be a polished ready-to-be-released experience. Prototype or a concept will do just fine!


Format for work sample submission

Maximum five (5) pages.


Save in PDF format.


Name the file [firstname_surname.pdf].


Make sure any links to third-party or other services (Mozilla hubs, Vimeo, Shapes XR, etc.) are accessible and made available to un-registered users.




Is prior tech knowledge mandatory?


Producing immersive experiences requires some knowledge of the techniques on how to make them, (or why they don’t work)  so it is preferable to have some sort of technical knowledge, but it is not a requirement.


There are no specific requirements for any software. You can use the software that best suits your needs, for now.


Most importantly is your intention, that you have started looking into how to explore immersive experiences or how to create them.




Admission Process


  • You will receive an offer letter via our admission system in the end of June 2023.
  • In the acceptance letter it will be stated how many days you have to accept/decline the offer.
  • If the school does not receive your confirmation until the set deadline, we will automatically offer your seat to the next applicant on our wait list.


For Swedish nationals: This course is eligible for CSN. Please apply on their website at

As soon as you have received your offer letter from Futuregames, you can apply for CSN. If you need extra documentation from the school, please contact your course manager.


The school reports to CSN regularly to verify that students are continuing their studies, as part of the agreement between CSN and each student.


Careers & Employability

This professional role is new, rapidly growing, and is highly sought-after not only in IT, but also in other technology-centered industries and the public sector.


  • Immersive Experience Creator
  • VR/AR director
  • Immersive Scriptwriter
  • Immersive Producer
  • Immersive Designer
  • Immersive film/video Director


Educational board

Each educational program has a Board of Education that ensures the quality of the education, and that makes decisions about admission and examination. The board meets twice per semester. One or more students from the class are also selected to be part of the board as representatives for the class.

The board can consist of representatives from the industry, the business community, the school management, the public school system, universities / colleges, industry organizations and students. One of the board’s main tasks is to ensure that the educational program meet the labour market’s needs for qualified workforce.

Course manager

Course manager

Erica Stråhle

Head of Education Immersive Experience Creator

You will now be transferred to our application Forms. This is where you note your personal details. We will then contact you. Thank you for applying!