News 9 November, 2020

Welcome to an Online meeting at Futuregames on Nov 11th!

We will help preparing you for applying to our Game Design Program!

Want to become a Game Designer? Welcome to an online meeting at Futuregames where we will talk about our Game Design Program!

You will meet Clara Parona, Head of Education, who will present the content of the education and advice you regarding work samples and how to proceed with your application. You will also meet some of our Game Design students who will give you their best advices and feedback on your work samples. Bring all your questions and thoughts to the meeting!


When: Wednesday Nov 11, at 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Where: Teams

Register to the meeting: Link will be sent the day before the event

Apply to Futuregames Game Design Program in Stockholm by Nov 19 and join the industry within 2 years!