Indie Game Developer – Boden, 2 years

Get the knowledge you need to work as an indie developer with a focus on game design. Take your interest to the next level!

So you wanna be a game developer – good! This two year programme will give both the skills and the network! 

Indie Game Developer is a two-year (78 course week) post-secondary education for professional game development, a Swedish folk high school education (Folkhögskola) which are based on the students’ needs, previous knowledge and and experience, where you will learn how to work as a professional game developer focused on small and medium-sized game companies – Indiespelbolag. The education will provide you with tools and skills to work as an indie game developer in your own company, together with others or as an employee. The education does not require prior knowledge in the field but great interest and experience in game development, game production has previously been recommended.

See all the details on Sunderby Folkhögskola’s website (Swedish)

International Students

International applicants are welcome to apply to our vocational full-time Diploma programs at Changemaker Educations/Futuregames. Apply before the 4th of May! Our programs are held in Stockholm, Boden, Skellefteå and Karlstad Sweden. Read more and apply here!

About the Education

The education promotes creativity and structured work in projects. It focuses on concrete production – game projects – supported by lectures and is characterized by the teaching “learning by doing – learning by reflection”. It also includes presentations / pitches for guests, both internal and external from the gaming industry, which assesses submission tasks, game productions and gives personal comments.

Each course includes theory, lectures, inspiration, practical production and presentation opportunities. The moments are divided weekly with successive depression and / or new tools. Lectures are 4 hours in place and / or via distance and are followed by submission / production information. Supervision is given at both the educational and digital levels. In addition to lectures by the supervisors, guest lecturers, various actors in the creative industries and the computer game industry will contribute to the education. Parts of the education will be given in English. The training (year 2, spring term) includes 20 week internship that gives you good opportunities to develop and establish valuable contacts for the future.

The connection to the games industry has been acknowledged by media as well as well-known game studios around the world. This has resulted in international and national game studios (such as  Wanderword och House of How ) establishing in Sävast, Boden, to take part of the knowledge that’s being educated there.

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This two-year program is based at Boden Business Park/Boden Gamecamp, who also offer accomodation close to the school. Contact Emil Sandberg for more information: emil@bodenbusinesspark.se or +46 70 280 40 92

Course Overview

Course name Number of weeks
Gameplay and Scripting 1 2
Gameplay and Scripting 2 2
Interaction Design 1: Introduction 3
Interaction Design 1: Depth 3
Introduction to Game Development 3
Level Design and Creation of Environments 1: Introduction 3
Level Design and Creation of Environments 2: Deepening 3
Market Analysis, Industry Knowledge and Portfolio 1: Introduction 2
Market Analysis, Industry Knowledge and Portfolio 2: Depth 2
Marketing, Sales and Distribution 1: Introduction 2
Internship 20
QA – Quality Assurance 1: Introduction 2
QA – Quality Assurance 2: Depth 2
Game Design 1: Basic Course 3
Game design 2: Continuation 3
Game design 3: Depth 3
Game Design 4: Specialization Indie Game Development 5
Game projects 1-5 20

Indie Game Developer in numbers

Game projects during the education: 5
Game projects per year: 30
Pitches per education: 4
Total game projects since 2017: 40 big ones, 30 small ones
Pitches per year: 25

Other content – preliminary

• Study trip year 1-2
• Study visits – ongoing
• Company presentations
• Game jams
• Any additional depth
• 2D / 3D tools

Indie Game Developer – Boden, 2 years

CSN : Yes
Start date: 18/08/2021
Location: Boden / Luleå
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Feb 1st - June 1st

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