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Boden Game Camp

About Boden

Welcome to Boden Game Camp

Top of the line premises, a growing ecosystem of exciting companies in  tech and the creative industries, the foremost game cluster in the north of Sweden, and a campus right next to the school with new friends.

Take the chance, move to Boden and take one of these educations:
Game Programmer C++ / C
Game Artist
Game Designer
QA / Game Tester
Indie Game Developer

Top of the line premises and a campus with new friends

Boden Game Camp offers modern, IT-adapted premises and comfortable community areas. You live comfortably at our campus at the facility. There’s also a newly built conference- and film studio, as well as innovative clusters in games and digital industries.

Start-ups and international players

Plenty go on to start their own companies and others choose to establish themselves in the web, e-commerce, and game cluster that are emerging on location. Multigiants such as Google and Facebook are also keeping their eyes on Boden. Annually, one of our most well-known international game events for women takes place, the “Valkyrie Jam”.

Winter sports and summer fun

Swedish Lapland awaits, with northern lights, skiing, snow mobiling, fishing, hiking, and much more. Nature experiences that enrich and move you will spice up your studies. We dare to promise your time studying in Boden will be a fond memory for life, on many levels – welcome to Boden Business Park!


Guaranteed housing in close proximity to a social life

When you are accepted to educations in Boden you are guaranteed housing. There are housing alternatives in the form of 18 sqm modules, up to 10 sqm student rooms.


Generate your ideas into reality in our game incubator

During 2021 we are establishing the possibility for you to take your game to the market. At NEXT you can be accepted into our game incubator, and gain 12 months of full access to all the necessities to get your game to the market. Or you can meet like-minded people, establish networks, and develop together.

All under the same gaming roof

At Boden Gamecamp everything game-related can be found under one roof. Game studios, incubator, and your future can be found just a few steps above the education.

Gym and restaurants with student-customized offers can be found close by, on the main floor. We create a straight road to the world for you, the student, which is why we do a lot of work with international actors.

Welcome to Boden with a close-by life in focus.

Live in Boden

Study in Boden

There are a thousand reasons to study in Boden!
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