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About the education

Be a game tester for the modern game industry

Dive into the world of playtesting at every step of game creation, shaping incredible user experiences. Learn the skills to kickstart a fulfilling career in gaming and IT!


Be their quality assurance

Develop core competencies in game and IT development by learning from industry professionals and teachers from leading companies in the industry – to act as quality assurance and improve the technical standard of gaming. Working with software quality assurance requires both organizing and management skills, as well as a technical understanding of the development process, all which you will learn at Futuregames.

  • 1,5 years (3 terms/semesters)
  • 20 weeks of internship (LIA)
  • Degree: Higher Vocational Education Diploma

Perfecting games – Testing at every phase

As a game tester, you will assure digital productions through systematic tests, playtesting throughout all phases of game development; from the kick-off of a project and management of systems, to planning and sketching, developing and documenting. You will perform tests at different levels, all with the same end-game of ensuring the best experience to the user. Additionally, you will learn to understand underlying factors to errors and report deviations with relevant information that makes it easier to recreate and resolve problems. 


QA / Game Tester course learning outcomes

  • The quality assurance process in both theory and practice
  • The most commonly used tools in industry
  • The best production methods
  • A specialty in an area of ​​technological expertise
  • How to create and implement test plans
  • How to triage effectively
  • How to implement at an early stage the quality assurance in the development process to improve the stability of a system
  • How to report and collect information that can promote system design.
  • Testing of games during ongoing production to find bugs for action before games are released on the market

Overview of your skills & competencies after completion

  • Create and implement test plans for your team and for products
  • Play and test on a wide range of different platforms
  • Use scripting languages ​​to streamline and automate parts of the work
  • Collect and report relevant information correctly and efficiently to the developers
  • Create simpler games yourself, to ensure a basic technical understanding of the game development process

Build your skills together with talented classmates

Creative environment
Get access to our creative environment including computers with relevant software where you grow and build your skills together with talented classmates and senior game developers at Boden Business Park.

Game projects
You will actively participate in intensive game projects together with coursemates from our other programs that runs concurrently, such as: Indie Game Developer, Game Designer, Game Artist, and Game Programmers, where you will be simulating professional projects to reflect the reality of working in the gaming industry, and prepare for a progressive career in creativity.

We want to forge pragmatic individuals with balanced and broad-perspective mindset, strong ability to work together, leadership skills, and proactive attitude.

LIA (internship) as part of the education

LIA (lärande i arbete), also known as internship is a part of the program. The practical part of your internship/LIA deepens your learning and provides you with the work experience required to develop today’s and tomorrow’s VFX experiences. You will also get the opportunity to build your network and create relationships with potential future employers during the education.

The game and IT industry in the North needs you!

We have close working relationships within the industry up in the north of Sweden, also known as Norrbotten. For this educational program, over 50 companies (game and IT companies in Norr- and Västerbotten in the North of Sweden) have attested that the industry needs of more quality assurance and game testers.

Boden Game Camp is an eco-system for every individual and company to learn, grow, and thrive in Boden. They will be the start or the accelator for your career in the game industry. Read more about how Boden Game Camp can support your journey here.


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Educational plan

Introduction to quality assurance
15YHP / 3w
Teambuilding, group dynamics: Agile project management
15YHP / 3w
Game project 1
10YHP / 2w
Regression testing
10YHP / 2w
Quality assurance for consol
20YHP / 4w
Professional development
15YHP / 3w
Release management
5YHP / 1w
Game project 2
20YHP / 4w
Quality assurance for mobile
20YHP / 4w
Usability testing
15YHP / 3w
Quality assurance for web-based apps
10YHP / 2w
Load testing
10YHP / 2w
Game project 3
20YHP / 4w
Degree project
15YHP / 3w
LiA Internship
100YHP / 20w




  • English 6 from upper secondary school/high school or proof of equivalent knowledge.
  • Mathematics 2 from upper secondary school/high school or proof of equivalent knowledge.
  • Programming 1 from upper secondary school/high school or proof of equivalent knowledge.


  • Grades or proof of post graduate qualifications from upper secondary school/high school or equivalent.
  • CV and a personal letter (letting us know why you have chosen the specific program).

Term times

We will give you more information about the term times when you are admitted to the education.

Most terms have different lengths and it is important that you report the right time period and the right amount of HVE-credits (Yh-points) to CSN. Each study week corresponds to five (5) HVE-credits, ie one (1) HVE-credit per day. This is provided that you continuously pass your courses with approved results.

How to apply



To apply as an international student, please proceed to our international student page to read through the application process.


Information required to complete your application


Or proof of post graduate qualifications from upper secondary school/high school or equivalent.

CV and a personal letter
Letting us know why you have chosen the specific program


Please ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria before applying.




Selection Process


If we receive more applications than we have seats, we will assess applicants by the score in written tests.


The applicants with the highest score, regardless of location, will be offered a seat to the program, and other eligible applicants will be in our wait list.



Admission Process


-You will receive an offer letter via our admission system in the end of June.


-In the acceptance letter it will be stated how many days you have to accept/decline the offer.


-If the school does not receive your confirmation until the set deadline, we will automatically offer your seat to the next applicant on our wait list.



Read more about the application process here



For Swedish nationals: This course is eligible for CSN. Please apply on their website at

As soon as you have received your offer letter from Futuregames, you can apply for CSN. If you need extra documentation from the school, please contact your course manager.


The school reports to CSN regularly to verify that students are continuing their studies, as part of the agreement between CSN and each student.


Careers & employability

  • Quality Assurance and Game Tester in  game development.
  • Software tester in IT and game development.
  • Work for a small game studio as part of a team with a focus on quality assurance.
  • Work as a test leader with responsibility for more technically demanding software work.

Educational board

Each educational program has a Board of Education that ensures the quality of the education, and that makes decisions about admission and examination. The board meets twice per semester. One or more students from the class are also selected to be part of the board as representatives for the class.

The board can consist of representatives from the industry, the business community, the school management, the public school system, universities / colleges, industry organizations and students. One of the board’s main tasks is to ensure that the educational program meet the labour market’s needs for qualified workforce.

Course manager

Course manager

Andrew Allen

Head of Education QA/Game Tester & Game Programmer

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