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About the education

The game industry needs project leaders!

Do you dream of a career as a project manager in IT and Games? Then this education is perfect for you! Get the experience you need and start to work immediately after the education!

We are now open for late applications for our program starting in the fall 2021.

Apply to the One and Only Project Manager Programme in the Swedish Game Industry!

A Project Manager has knowledge about agile and plan-driven project methodology, they also have the ability to combine and prioritize based on the customer and project needs. During this program we will teach you how a team works most effectively and what kind of leadership you should implement in different situations.

You will get (besides great education):

  • A student apartment in Skellefteå at a low cost
  • The possibility to educate yourself along with three other professional roles: designers, graphic designers and programmers
  • CSN (not applicable for International Students
  • Exam after 1,5 years (3 terms) starting September 6th 2021
  • LIA (internship) 15 weeks


Study with us at Futuregames in Skellefteå!

Here you will be close to everything. Our school is located at the campus area in Skellefteå with both restaurants and studying facilities as well as a house full of students (programmers, project managers, graphic designers and designers on the same floor). Also, we are super close to the gaming industry!


Working as a “Project Manager IT & Games” means that you will plan and execute agile projects in close dialogue with customers. The education gives you tools to efficiently and responsibly lead and run agile teams.

Some examples of professional roles are:

  • Agile Project Manager
  • Creative Product Manager
  • Agile project Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Process Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Technical Project Manager
  • IT Project Manager

Close cooperation with the industry 

We have close cooperation within the game and IT industries. Over 50 companies (game and IT companies in Norr- and Västerbotten in the North of Sweden) have attested that their industry needs more Project Managers with competence in IT & Games. All interviewed companies are open to accepting LIA students (internship) and hiring directly from Futuregames. The shortage is not just limited to the game and IT industries. Companies such as Boliden, and infrastructure companies such as Skellefteå Kraft, consultancy firms, app developers and agencies demanding more competence within creative product management, interaction design, software testers and programmers / developers.

LIA (internship) as part of the education

As part of the education you will perform your LIA (internship) at leading studios / companies. The internship serves to deepen and broaden your learning and help you gain the work experience you need. This is a chance to build your network and create relationships with future employers already during your studies. We cooperate with several companies within the games and e-commerce industries for LIA, projects, industry events, lecturers and recruitment both on a national level through Futuregames’ network, as well as locally in Skellefteå and the North of Sweden. Some of our cooperative partners include; Triolith Games AB, Strangewood Studios AB, Tieto Skellefteå, Once Upon, Hello Future, Goodbye Kansas Studios, Gold Town Games, Mindforce Game Lab, Musikmedel Future Vision AB, North Kingdom, Boliden, Zordix AB, Coldwood, Tarvalley, SIGMAR Metodbyrå, Visma Consulting AB and more.

Educational plan

Business development
25YHP / 5v
Agile processes and project methods
20YHP / 4v
Industry knowledge - overview and planing
10YHP / 2v
10YHP / 2v
Distributed development and self-organizing teams
20YHP / 4v
Degree project
10YHP / 2v
Change management
10YHP / 2v
10YHP / 2v
Requirements management and accelerated feasibility studies
25YHP / 5v
Leadership, group dynamics and coaching
15YHP / 3v
LIA (internship)
75YHP / 15v
Plan-driven project methodology and requirements management
10YHP / 2v
Practical project execution
20YHP / 4v
Product Management
10YHP / 2v
Release planing
10YHP / 2v
Team knowledge and process management
10YHP / 2v
Workshop management, modeling, visualization
10YHP / 3v

Term times

Most terms have different lengths and it is important that you report the right time period and the right amount of HVE-credits (Yh-points) to CSN. Each study week corresponds to five (5) HVE-credits, ie one (1) HVE-credit per day. This is provided that you continuously pass your courses with approved results.

Term times
FA21 6 Sep – 23 Dec(80 YHP, 16 w)
SP22 10 Jan – 24 Jun (120 YHP, 24 w)
FA22 8 Aug – 16 Dec (100 YHP, 20 w)

How to apply


Applications are normally open between the period February-May, but can be extended if there are still seats available. Click on the “Apply now” button on the webpage for you education of choice to be transferred to our admissions system.

This is where you fill in all information needed for your application to be completed:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Documentation special prerequisites
  • CV and personal letter
  • Possible certificates and other grading documents


If we receive more applications than we have seats, we will judge applicants by the score on their special test. The applicants with the highest score, regardless of location, will be offered a seat to the program and other eligible applicants will become reserves.

Download special test: Prov


This course is eligible with CSN. Apply on their website at

As soon as you’ve got your letter of application from us you can apply with CSN. If you need extra papers from the school, please contact your course manager. The school reports to CSN regularly to make sure all the students are continuing their studies, as part of the agreement between CSN and each student.


Higher vocational studies lead to jobs; according to statistics, 9 out of 10 get a job after graduation. Your skills profile and new job role are sought after on the labor market.

The professional role is on the rise and is needed not only within IT, but also in other industries and in the public sector. Examples of titles and professional roles after graduation are:

Project Manager IT & Games

Agile Project Manager

Agile Project Leader

Agile Coach

Scrum Master

Process Leader

Team Lead

Technical Project Leader


Educational board

Each educational program has a Board of Education that ensures the quality of the education, and that makes decisions about admission and examination. The board meets twice per semester. One or more students from the class are also selected to be part of the board as representatives for the class.

The board can consist of representatives from the industry, the business community, the school management, the public school system, universities / colleges, industry organizations and students. One of the board’s main tasks is to ensure that the educational program meet the labour market’s needs for qualified workforce.

Board of Education members:

Lara Gavina, North Kingdom (ordf.)

Anders Tånger, MindForce GameLab

Jenny Österlund, Paradox Arctic

Andreas Waleij, Zordix

Pär Hultgren, Gold Town Games

Daniel Öhgren, GrandPike

Ida Lindh, Campus Skellefteå

Jens Lundqvist, Lundqvist Trävaru AB

Mattias Wiking, Turborilla

Johan Wallberg, Level Eight

Joel Nordin, Coldwood Interactive

Linus Johansson, North Kingdom

Robert Bäckström, Limit Break Studio

Per Myrén, Changemaker Educations / Futuregames

Course manager

Course manager

Sara-Mari Eriksson

Site Manager Skellefteå, Education Coordinator +46 703 271 406

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