Game Artist (Specialization)

About the education

Game Artist - a cornerstone in Futuregames and the Swedish game industry

Character or environment art, UI or animation - get the experience you need to work with 3D graphics in the games industry! This educational program provides specialization choices.


Study Game Art

This program offers hands-on development experience in game art, allowing you to enter the industry with credibility and pursue your passion for character art, environment art, special effects, UI, or animation. Whether you are most dedicated to one or several of these areas, the program will ignite your creativity and help you achieve your goals.

  • 2,5 years (5 terms/semesters)
  • 30 weeks of internship (LIA)
  • Specialization semester
  • Degree: Higher Vocational Education Diploma

Specializations in Game Artist

In the fourth semester of the education you will pick between one of two possible areas of specialization, allowing you to prepare even better for your internships.

  • Environment artist – by choosing this specialized role you will get a thorough understanding of the creation of animation friendly props, how to create interactive environments and get a deeper knowledge of texturing, scale, perspective and lighting. You will get the necessary skills to create complex backgrounds, layouts, props and environments using industry standard tools.


  • Character artist – in this specialization you will gain a deeper understanding of anatomy, proportions and form, character rigging and animation and advanced knowledge of and technical proficiency in industry standard software. You will be able to produce and optimize high quality characters in 3D. You will also get an understanding of the complexity of characters and the uses of a character’s personality.

Game Artist course learning outcomes

  • Understanding and utilizing an efficient workflow for game art creation
  • Creating high and low resolution 3D models
  • Skills to create high quality textures
  • Create hard surface objects such as vehicles and weapons, etc
  • Create characters and other organic models
  • Adapting to a wide range of visual styles
  • The ability to set up and animate characters and objects
  • Understanding color theory, form, design and composition

Learning by Doing, Learning by Reflection

Learn from industry professionals
Develop core competencies in game development by learning from industry professionals and teachers from leading companies in the industry.

Creative environment
Get access to our creative environment including equipment and relevant software where you grow and build your skills together with talented classmates and senior game developers at Futuregames.

Game projects
You will actively participate in intensive game projects together with coursemates from our other programs that runs concurrently, such as: Indie Game Developer, Game Programmer, Game Designer, and QA/Game Testers, where you will be simulating professional projects to reflect the reality of working in the gaming industry, and prepare for an exciting and progressive career in the games industry.

LIA (internship) as part of the education

LIA (lärande i arbete), also known as internship is a part of the program. The practical part of your internship/LIA deepens your learning and provides you with the work experience required to develop today’s and tomorrow’s game experiences. You will also get the opportunity to build your network and create relationships with potential future employers during the education.

The gaming industry needs you!

Sweden has world leading developers within AAA, console, PC. mobile, VR/AR, digital distribution and specialized subcontractors. The biggest challenges of the sector are indirect such as access to skills and talents.

We have close working relationships and are in direct cooperation with the games industry. Some of these companies and studios includes King, Avalanche Studios, Ubisoft, EA DICE, Fatshark, Paradox Interactive, Starbreeze Studios, Glorious Games Group, Uprise, NEAT Corporation, Epic Games, Really Interactive, and the list goes on. Many companies support this higher vocational education, and around 20-30 game studios are actively involved in Futuregames every year.


Apply as an international student?

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Educational plan

Advanced Game Art
10YHP / 2w
10YHP / 2w
Character Art
20YHP / 4w
Concept Art
10YHP / 2w
Enviroment Art
25YHP / 5w
FX for Games
15YHP / 3w
Game Engines
15YHP / 3w
Game Project 1
15YHP / 3w
Game Project 2
20YHP / 4w
Game Project 3
35YHP / 7w
Game Project 4
20YHP / 4w
Graduation project
50YHP / 10w
Internship (LiA)
150YHP / 30w
Intro to Game Art
25YHP / 5w
Professional development
15YHP / 3w
10YHP / 2w
10YHP / 2w
15YHP / 3w
Specialization - Character Art
80YHP / 16w
Specialization - Environment Art
80YHP / 16w
550YHP / 110w



  • Grades or proof of post graduate qualifications from upper secondary school/high school or equivalent.
  • CV and a personal letter (letting us know why you have chosen the specific program).
  • English 6 from upper secondary school/high school or proof of equivalent knowledge.
  • Work Sample (read “How To Apply” section below for instructions).

Term times

We will give you more information about the term times when you are admitted to the education.

Most terms have different lengths and it is important that you report the right time period and the right amount of HVE-credits (Yh-points) to CSN. Each study week corresponds to five (5) HVE-credits, ie one (1) HVE-credit per day. This is provided that you continuously pass your courses with approved results.

How to apply



To apply as an international student, please proceed to our international student page to read through the application process.


Information required to complete your application


  • -High school diploma or equivalent.
  • -Documentation for special prerequisites.
  • -CV and personal letter.
  • -Work sample (more information below).
  • -Possible certificates and other grading documents.


When you apply, you will need to state the desired location where you wish to study.


Please note!
Your CV, personal letter, and work sample(s) are all required to be written in English.





Game Artist application


Check out the video to Game Artist’s work sample for your application on Youtube here.


What to submit?

-Showcase your creativity alongside your skills. Submit 2 to 3 work samples. Please choose the work that can best show us your skills.


-Try to show that you have some sort of understanding of 3D creation and workflow.


-If you want to showcase animation/turntables, send a YouTube or Vimeo link.


-Your work sample should aim at explaining the main idea of the sample and your progress from start to finish.


-Detail your work sample both visually and in-writing. It is important to explain what you have done and the process you have been through.


-You can apply with a previous team project, but please specify in detail in which you have contributed to the project.




  • -Maximum five (5) pages.
  • -Videos maximum length of 3 minutes.
  • -Save in PDF format.
  • -Name the file [firstname_surname.pdf].



Is prior tech knowledge mandatory?

Producing art assets, especially in digital form requires some knowledge of the techniques on how to make them, so it is preferable to have some sort of technical knowledge, but it is not a requirement.


There are no specific requirements for any 3D software. You can use the software that best suits you.



Futuregames will assess your work sample in the 3 following areas:


  • Visualization ability – assesses the artistical ability to express oneself through illustrations and texts.
  • Technical ability – assesses proficiency of utilization of the machine as tool.
  • Industry relevance – assesses the relevance of the presented content towards the games industry and game development.






Selection Process


  • If we receive more applications than we have seats, we will assess applicants by the score in their work samples and in written tests.
  • The applicants with the highest score, regardless of location, will be offered a seat to the program, and other eligible applicants will be in our wait list.


Admission Process


-You will receive an offer letter via our admission system in the end of June.


-In the acceptance letter it will be stated how many days you have to accept/decline the offer.


-If the school does not receive your confirmation until the set deadline, we will automatically offer your seat to the next applicant on our wait list.



Read more about the application process here


For Swedish nationals: This course is eligible for CSN. Please apply on their website at

As soon as you have received your offer letter from Futuregames, you can apply for CSN. If you need extra documentation from the school, please contact your course manager.


The school reports to CSN regularly to verify that students are continuing their studies, as part of the agreement between CSN and each student.


Careers & Employability


  • Animator
  • Character Artist
  • Concept Artist
  • Environment Artist
  • Technical Artist

Educational board

Each educational program has a Board of Education that ensures the quality of the education, and that makes decisions about admission and examination. The board meets twice per semester. One or more students from the class are also selected to be part of the board as representatives for the class.

The board can consist of representatives from the industry, the business community, the school management, the public school system, universities / colleges, industry organizations and students. One of the board’s main tasks is to ensure that the educational program meet the labour market’s needs for qualified workforce.

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