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The gaming industry needs marketers!

The Swedish gaming industry is growing fast, and the need for marketers and communication professionals with relevant knowledge within the field is big. Grow your skill set and gain new competences within games marketing this fall.

Futuregames Games Marketer is a new diploma course developed in close collaboration with the Swedish Gaming industry – to give you the skill set you need to start working within marketing and communications at a gaming studio or other games related company. The course is designed for anyone working within communications or marketing today, looking to enter the gaming industry and related fields. Upon completion you’ll be an attractive new key player for one of the many gaming companies in Sweden and beyond.

The games industry in Sweden increased with 33 % in 2018, and is set to keep on growing. Swedish gaming studios are in need of more games marketing talent to keep on growing and competing globally, but are currently having a hard time finding the right skill set in Sweden.

By attending Futuregames Games Marketer you will learn more about the gaming industry, games marketing and gamification as a communications method. You’ll learn hands-on from industry professionals about Brand and Product marketing within the gaming industry, the importance of User Acquisition strategies and consumer insight methodologies, as well as App Store Search Optimization (ASO) to grow a gaming app’s success on mobile app stores. At the end of the course, you’ll work on putting together a marketing plan for a game to showcase your new knowledge within games marketing, and will get coaching and feedback directly from industry professionals.

This course is aimed at those already working within communications and/or marketing, but that want to take the next step with a focus on game related industries. While many communication professionals are seeing less working opportunities as a result of the pandemic, and may be standing without a job or assignment, the gaming industry is thriving and in need of more talent.

Futuregames Games Marketer is an opportunity to prepare you for the gaming industry as a valuable employee and / or consultant. After fifteen weeks you’ll have gained new competence within gaming industry methodologies and roles such as ”Product Marketing”, ”User Acquisition” and ”App Store Optimization”.



Marketing and Gamification
5YHP / 1v
Brand and Product Marketing
10YHP / 2v
UA / User Acquisition & Consumer insight
10YHP / 2v
ASO – App Store Search Optimization
10YHP / 2v
Project – Marketing Plan
15YHP / 3v


Future career paths:

Games Marketer

Games Market Coordinator

Campaign Creator for Games

Games Communication Specialist



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