Latest information regarding Covid-19

The safety and well-being of all staff and students at Futuregames and Changemaker Educations is our highest priority. We actively monitor and follow the guidelines from the Swedish Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten) and those issued by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education (MYH). Please read this information carefully.

Covid update 2022-02-09

Dear ChangeMakers and Futuregamers,

As you know, most restrictions and recommendations regarding Covid-19 will be lifted in Sweden this week.

The work has begun to transition back to on-site education, but this will happen gradually over the coming period. Courses that have already started or are planned for being online will remain online until further notice, and your teachers and coordinators will give you specific updates regarding your schedule as soon as they are available.

Classrooms in schools will be open and are available for students who wish to work on site, but keep in mind that all staff will not be present initially, and you will not be able to receive the same support as if the education would have been on site.

Continue to be vigilant, stay at home if you are sick or have symptoms that may be Covid-19, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer, and if you are not yet vaccinated, be extra careful, avoid large crowds and try not to use public transports during rush hours. Please refer to for more information.

More information will follow from your respective coordinators or Site Managers. We ask for your patience for more detailed information about new school procedures as we are actively working on them right now.

Thank you!


Covid update 2022-01-31

We continue to monitor the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, and at present, there are no changes in the basic routines that we have already communicated.

We still recommend that everybody should work from home if possible .

For staff and students who will be attending school, they should adapt working hours to enable travel at times other than during rush hour and keep a distance from other people in the workplace, for example during meetings, and particularly during coffee and lunch breaks.

We will of course update everybody as soon as there are any new recommendations.


Covid update 2022-01-11

Following the new guidelines from the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten – Nya åtgärder för att begränsa spridning av covid-19), we must change our Covid policy from today, and until further notice.

Working from home

  • We will restrict the number of students, at all sites who can work at school to a minimum.
  • Only students with ‘particular’ and or ‘special needs’ can work from school as normal.
  • Special/particular needs include practical inability to work from home or a medical condition or functional variation that makes working from home difficult.
  • All students who need to work from school will sent a form by their respective Education Coordinator (UK) that they must complete immediately – (DEADLINE: 2022-01-14).

Until further notice all remaining students should work from home.


  • Students who have already started or are starting internships should follow the recommendations of the company at which they are working.
  • A company cannot require student attendance.
  • Changemaker Educations/ Futuregames also makes no requirement on a student to attend an internship (LiA) physically and each student is free to choose their own course of action.
  • Loss of work-study created because of distance employment will not affect the validation of the internship (LiA).
  • Students who need computers in order to fulfil working at distance but do not have this at home, can treat this as a ‘special need’ to work from school and should fill out the form and contact the UK as indicated above.

Guidelines for working at school

  • There will be limited members of staff present at school.
  • Please note that access to support from IT, Office, Educational Coordinators and teachers cannot be guaranteed in person, and students should use email to request any necessary support.
  • Always stay at home when you feel the slightest ill, and make sure you stay home for at least three days until you are symptom-free.
  • Wear a face covering when you are traveling to and from school.
  • At school, keep distance between yourself and your colleagues, and us face mask.
  • Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands frequently.
  • Avoid sitting in close groups particularly during lunch and other breaks.

Of course, we will also cancel any large-scale events and we will inform all those concerned if and when such planned events must be rescheduled or presented online.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and may still need to make further revisions and changes to the existing policy so please check your school mailbox every day!

Covid update 2021-12-22

As a school we are of course concerned by the recent increase in Covid cases. We are not intending to change our current routines unless we receive new guidelines from the Swedish Health Authority. However, we do recognize that with so many people traveling around the Christmas break, we need to be especially cautious.

Therefore, we would like to recommend the following to all our students and staff:

If you are traveling over Christmas, particularly if you have been abroad, when you return, we suggest that you self-quarantine at home for three days. You will of course be able to study on-line or work remotely. If you do develop any flu like symptoms, then of course it is important to get a Covid test.

This is a simple way that we can help ourselves to create a safer work environment.


Covid update 2021-12-08

Following the new guidelines from the The Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten – Nya åtgärder för att begränsa spridning av covid-19), 2021-12-08 we must change our Covid policy from Dec 8 to Jan 31.

From 2021-12-08 we encourage all students and staff who are able to do so, to work from home. If you do decide to be at school please follow the following recommendations:

  • Wear a face covering when you are traveling to and from school
  • At school, keep distance between yourself and your colleagues
  • Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands frequently
  • Avoid sitting in close groups during breaks and at lunch

We will also be forced to cancel any large scale events and we will inform all those concerned if and when such planned events must be rescheduled or presented online.

Covid update 2021-11-30

Futuregames closely adheres to the guidelines from the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) and we are concerned about the new Omicron variant. All variants of COVID-19, including the Omicron variant can cause severe disease or death, in particular for the most vulnerable people. We, therefore,  advise all students and staff to be prepared for new restrictions.

At present, we will continue the same policy as before. The only difference is that we will not be able to host events for more than 100 people, unless participants can show a Covid Pass (covidbevis). For those who have had both vaccinations through the Swedish system, this is simply a matter of downloading this on their mobile phones or printing out a paper copy.  Covidbevis

For international students, please refer to your respective national consulates/embassies about how to approach this. They can also check 

Here you should be able to get many of your questions answered and also see how it’s possible to get the E–legitimation that is one way to get Covid Certificates.

When the school organises a large-scale event, we will need to check Covid passes at such happenings and will have to restrict access to those who are unable to present a valid Covid Pass.

We will continue to monitor the situation as closely as we can and will inform all students and staff if there are any other necessary changes. Please check your email on a regular basis in case we are forced at short notice to enact any further lockdowns or other restrictive measures.


Covid update 2021-10-07

The educations at both Futuregames and Changemaker Educations are on-site educations and the current restrictions to on-site education are entirely dependent on the current Covid situation. This means that we expect ALL students to be on site now restrictions are lifted and students should endeavor to find accommodation as necessary in Boden, Karlstad, Skellefteå and Stockholm for the duration of their study.


COVID routines from November 1st

Following the guidelines from the Swedish Health Authority, From November 1, all CME and FG students in Stockholm are permitted to be on site at both Åsögatan and Medborgarplatsen.

We understand that some students may not have relocated to Stockholm and of course we do not expect students to move at such short notice. We will continue with both online and on site education.

  • For students who were admitted before August 2021 we will ensure that the education can be delivered online for the remainder of your time as a student. Of course, we would like as many students to attend on site as possible, but we also understand that moving to Stockholm may not be possible.
  • For students who joined us after August 2021 we encourage you to make arrangements so that you can attend the school on site as soon as possible. Again, we understand that relocation can be difficult and of course we will continue with online education as necessary.

We also continue to urge all our staff and students to be double vaccinated as this remains the best way to minimise the risk of possible contamination and or ill health. We also ask all students that if they are feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms, that you self-quarantine at least for a few days before returning to school or take a Covid test.