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HVE, Folk High School, Internship, CSN and Board of Education

Frequently asked questions about studying at Futuregames


Higher Vocational Education

What is a work test?

Your work sample is an important tool to show your potential of reaching your goals of getting employed in the games development industry. Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, show us your ambitions and hunger. By showing us your strengths and weaknesses you help us understand where you are in your journey and how we can help you reach your goals. Read more about the specific work tests for Game Designer, Game Programmer, 3D Artist and 2D artist.

What is Higher Vocational Education?

Higher vocational educations (Yrkeshögskoleutbildningar) is higher vocational training. Just like at universities and colleges, HVE programs are post-secondary. Myndigheten för yrkeshögskolan (the Swedish agency for higher vocational educations) have a regulatory system that decides how HVE programs should be conducted. All HVE programs are granted and quality assured by MYH. Our HVE programs are two year or longer. We work close together with the industry and the profession you’re being educated for. Each HVE program has a Board of Education from the industry and around 25% of the education consists of work training (LIA).

The goal is for you to be employed in the profession you have been educated for. 9 out of 10 get a job after their higher vocational education (93% in 2017). Read more at www.myh.se.

What is an internship (LIA)?

LIA stands for lärande i arbete (post-secondary internship, workplace training). The internship is one of the courses in your education and therefore your internship is graded. All of our HVE programs has internships that constitutes around 25% of your total education. During your internship you get the opportunity to broaden and deepen the knowledge you have dedicated yourself to during the previous courses in your education. At the same time you will gain new knowledge and build your personal network before being employed within the profession and/or the industry you are being educated in.

The school has a network of companies offering internships and/or have a declared a need for recruitment. You will apply for the internship on your own, just like when you apply for a job. The school and the Board of Education for your education will support your throughout the entire process through individual dialogue, coaching, support with personal letter, resume, portfolio, creating contacts, internship meetings and more. Read more about the internship course in your course curriculum available at the school and MYH at www.yrkeshogskolemyndigheten.se.

How does CSN (student finance) work?

You apply for student grants and student loans from CSN (The Swedish Board of Student Finance, Centrala Studiestödsnämnden). You can also apply for loans for tuition fees if that is applicable. This is a personal loan agreement between you and CSN that you are responsible for. You can apply for student finance from CSN when you have received your admission to a full-time education that is CSN eligible. Read more at www.csn.se.

At the call (upprop) for your education, the school will report that you have started your studies. Thereafter the school will continue to report to CSN when you complete your studies by attending and passing your evaluations of knowledge. This is the criteria for you to continue to receive student aid during the education.

What is and does the Board of Education?

The Board of Education consists of several representatives from the industry (the companies), as well as representatives for university/college and the general schools (skolväsendet, gymnasieskola, high school). In the Board of Education you will also find the education management and student representatives from your class or your education. The Board of Education is an important link to the profession and/or the industry you are being educated for. The Board of Educations ensures the quality of carrying out the education and development of the curriculum, so that they correspond with the need of competence in the industry. The Board of Education also make decisions regarding acceptance of new students and examination of those who pass all evaluations of knowledge. Your school management will present the Board of Education and their work to you at the start and throughout your entire education.


Folk High School

What is a Folk High School Education?

Folk High School is a form of education that offers a number of course orientations and courses on several levels. It’s possible to study the General Course to catch up to a secondary and upper-secondary school level of knowledge. There are also specialized courses where you get the time to focus and develop within an interest. It is also possible to study courses that will educate you within a specific profession. Today Changemaker Educations collaborate with Sunderby Folkhögskola (Boden) and Fristads Folkhögskola (Borås).

Read more about the folk high school at folkhogskola.nu.

For any other questions, please contact us at info@futuregames.se

International Applicants

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