About Changemaker Educations

Futuregames is organized by Changemaker Educations, who develop and carry through a number of educations and courses in a number of creative digital sectors such as games, IT, and film.

Changemaker Edcuations offer up-skilling and re-skilling within creative and digital professions.

At Changemaker Educations we identify the job market’s future needs and competences and skills, and based on this design innovative and effective educations. We develop the competence of today’s and tomorrow’s leaders, co-workers and entrepreneurs and give them the tools to form the future.

We work with higher vocational educations, folk high school educations as well as standalone courses for individuals and organisations within areas such as games, e-commerce, web, agile project management and urban food production.

Welcome to us at House of Change at Åsögatan 117 at Södermalm, Stockholm or at one of our other educational hubs in Boden, Karlstad, Gothenburg and Skellefteå.