Higher Vocational Education // HVE Points: 400


Do you dream of a career as a game designer? Then this education is perfect for you! Get the experience you need and start to work in the gaming business immediately after the education! You can study ONLINE or in Skellefteå - some seats left!

Game Designer and UX Designer – multidisciplinary competence within game development, experience-based design, game design, UX, VR / AR, gamification, business development and leadership. Welcome to an exciting professional role where you will be involved in influencing the future.

User experience, game development, sustainable business models and digital innovation is at the heart of the development. Today we have tremendous opportunities to create experiences with new technology, not least through VR / AR and AI. The companies work with continuous improvement of customer experiences and in addition, digital experiences and conversational UX are becoming increasingly important.

You will get (besides great education):

  • The ability to start working right after the education
  • A student apartment in Skellefteå
  • The possibility to educate yourself along with three other professional roles: game programmers, 3d graphics and project managers
  • CSN
  • Exam after 2 years (4 terms) starting August 31th, 2020
  • LIA (internship) 20 weeks


Study with us at Futuregames in Skellefteå!

Here you will be close to everything. Our school is located at the campus in Skellefteå with both restaurants and studying facilities as well as a house full of students (programmers, project managers, graphic designers and designers on the same floor). Also, we are super close to the gaming industry!

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Don’t hesitate – email or call if you have any questions;

Per Myrén (head of education) per@cmeducations.se


HVE Points: 400
Start date: 31/08/2020
Location: Skellefteå
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Some seats left! Application is still open!

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