Higher Vocational Education // HVE Points: 400


Games, mobility and AI - get the experience you need to work with programming within the gaming industry! Application closes by the 5th of May!

Whether it is game-functionality, AI, mobility or game development tools that you are most interested in, this program will prepare you for working in the industry!

You will get (besides great education):

  • The ability to start working right after the education
  • An apartment at campus in Skellefteå
  • The possibility to educate yourself along with three other professional roles: designers, graphic designers and project managers
  • CSN
  • Exam after 2 years (4 terms) starting September 7, 2020
  • LIA (internship) 20 weeks


Pst! In Sweden, 32 percent of the gaming companies work with mobile games (Game Developer Index 2018). Two-thirds of all adults on earth owns a smartphone (Zenith Media), which creates a huge market base for mobile game developers.



Join us at Futuregames in Skellefteå!

Here you will be close to everything. Our school is located at our campus in Skellefteå with both restaurants and educational facilities around you. Besides that we also have a house full of other students (programmers, project managers, graphic designers and designers on the same floor). Besides all that, you will be close to the gaming industry!


professional roles

  • Developer of Mobile Platforms
  • Application developer of mobile platforms
  • Programmer of mobile platforms
  • Mobile Game Developer
  • Mobile Software Developer



  • Mobile platforms; technology, constraints and development processes
  • Accessibility adjustment incl. readability and navigation
  • Object-oriented development
  • Version management and shared code libraries
  • Programming in C ++
  • Programming in Java, Android, C #, JavaScript, Objective-C and Swift
  • Programming in Unity
  • Code optimization
  • System for multiple concurrent users
  • Mathematics: linear algebra and basic physics for simulators and games
  • Artificial intelligence, neural networks and deep learning
  • Back-end and databases
  • Teamwork; methodology, technology and work processes
  • Software testing and fixing
  • Skills after the training
  • Estimate time and cost as well as risk assess own parts of development projects
  • Organize, plan and implement your own parts in development projects
  • Collaborate in groups
  • Apply agile project methodology
  • Present solutions and adapt to feedback
  • Review and test software
  • Programming and scripting for mobile platforms
  • Implement AI pattern recognition, Machine Learning / Business Intelligence
  • Quality assured, test and analyze software
  • Design and construct object-oriented software systems
  • Interpret instructions and implement according to order


Don’t hesitate – email or call if you have any questions;

Per Myrén (head of education) per@cmeducations.se


HVE Points: 400
CSN : Yes
Start date: 07/09/2020
Location: Annan
More information

Application period: 03/02-05/05

Course Manager

Per Myrén