Many seek our popular game development education programs. Want to increase your chances of being accepted?

Increase your chances of being admitted to Futuregames Education programs (Game Design, Game Programmer, 2D Graphics and 3D Graphics) by attending one of our preparatory courses!
– Direct collaboration with the gaming industry
– CSN-eligible and 25% LIA at the gaming companies

We want to create an opportunity for those who feel they need support with their work samples before application period ending on 1/5. We will focus on your individual work samples, where you will all be at different levels. You will have 3 weeks access to your own workstation with computers that has relevant software such as UE4 and Maya and access to Futuregames premises in the House of Change at Åsögatan 117.

During these weeks you will be supported by Futuregames Head Teachers. We will review all applications in May – June and we will give you direct feedback on what we want to see from your work samples. There is no guarantee of admission and you will have to take responsibility for producing your work test and sending it in time. We believe, however, that you will have a chance to focus on the correct details and get answers to all your questions.

The main purpose of the course is to give you the opportunity to prepare your work test. (Read more about the admission process to our YH courses here.) You also get an overview of the gaming industry and our game education.

Head of education and head teachers at Futuregames will give you advice and practical tips.

Date/period: Three start dates – February 12th, March 5th and 26th (2018)
Length: 3 weeks
Price: 5 000 (including VAT)
Number of participants: 20 persons
Equipment: Loans of game dev computer and licenses to relevant applications are included
Target audience: Applicants for Futuregames Programs (Game Design, Game Programmer, 2D Graphics and 3D Graphics)

Contact Anna or Mattias for any questions:
Anna Möller, +46 70 836 91 00,
Mattias Escudero Liljeqvist, +46 76 878 22 36,

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More info
This is a preparatory course for our Futuregames YH educational programs. The main focus of this course is to help you prepare your work samples to increase your chances of being accepted to our Game YH Programs.

Three start dates: 12 February, 5 March and 26 March 2018

Cost: 5000 SEK including VAT
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