Indiespelutvecklare – focusing on Game Programming – is a two-year (78 course weeks) post-secondary education for professional game development where you will learn how to work as a professional game programmer primarily with focus on small and medium-sized gaming companies – Indiespelbolag. The education will provide you with tools and ability to work as an indie game developer with focus on gaming programming in own company, together with others or as employees. The education does not require prior knowledge in the field but great interest and experience of programming, game development, game production since previously recommended.

The education promotes creativity and structured work in projects. It focuses on concrete production – game projects – supported by lectures and characterized by education “learning by doing – learning by reflection “. It also contains moments of presentations / pitches for guests, both internal as well external from the gaming industry, which assesses submission tasks, game productions and provides personal comments.

Each course includes theory, lectures, inspiration, practical production and presentations. The times are divided weekly (20 hours) with gradual depression and / or new tool. Lectures are in 4 hours on site and / or ONLINE and are followed by submission / production data. Supervision is given at the training opportunities and ONLINE. In addition to lectures by The supervisors will receive guest lecturers, various actors in the creative industries and computer games industry contribute to the education. Parts of the education will be given in English. In education (year 2, spring term) Includes a 20-week internship that gives you good opportunities to develop and link valuable contacts future.

Education – Course overview – 78 course weeks

(In alphabetical order, not education)
• Own projects, 5v
• Internship, 20v
• Game Ddesign, 4v
• Game engines (Unity / Unreal) – ground, 5v
• Game engines (Unity) – Depth, 4v
• Game production, 6v
• Game programming – basic, 10v
• Game programming (C #, C ++) – Depth, 14v
• Game project (3pcs), 10v

Other content – preliminary
• Study trip year 1-2
• Study visits – ongoing
• Company presentations
• Game jams
• Any additional depth
• 2D / 3D tools
• VR / AI
• Business / Entrepreneurship / Incubator
• Link to existing activities, ongoing programs at, for example, Boden Business Park

Section 1
Final Quiz
InstructorPer Myrén
TypeOnline Course
  • Game program

  • CSN: Ja
  • Pace: Full time
  • Starts: 20 Aug
  • Place: Sunderby Folkhögskola, Boden
More info
This two-year program is based at Sunderby Folkhögskola.
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