In the field of game development we offer four of our best teachers at Futuregames within Level Design, Unreal Engine, 3D Animation, Concept Art, Game developing and more. Contact (Stockholm) or (Gothenburg / Global) for more information.

Form: Tailormade game development training
Price: According to agreement
Location: Either at your company or in House of Change at Åsögatan 117, Södermalm, Stockholm

Our Consultants / Trainers

Sjoerd De Jong

Sjoerd has over 11 years of experience in the games industry and has worked for many high profile developers in his career including Guerrilla Games, Starbreeze, Epic Games, and a dozen more. He is specialized in level design, environment art, and is an expert in the Unreal Engine.

Niclas Halvarsson

Niclas is a generalist 3D artist who has 7 years of experience throughout the game, movie & commercial industries. Past clients include Grin AB, Filmtecknarna, AVL, Swiss and many more.

Björn Albihn

During his 9 years in the games industry Björn has worked at companies such as Grin AB and Red Steam (Gameloft Shanghai). His main fields are character art, technical art and game programming.

Joachim Holmer

Programmer, Artist and Designer. Joachim previously worked for Zeal, Teotl Studios, and Avalanche Studios. He is also the creator of the very popular Shaderforge plugin for Unity, and is a Unity expert.

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