11 Jun 2016

Super Neon Drifter wins “best execution in art” at the SGA 2016

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Hooray again! For the second year in a row a Futuregames game project won best execution in art at the Swedish Game Awards. This year, Super Neon Drifter from TeamCar claimed the prize. We are all super happy for the big win and proud to keep the trophy at Futuregames for another year.

Super Neon Drifter is a two player co-op action game set in a retro futuristic 1980’s world where two players work together to control one ever evolving vehicle. Get the highest score and compete with your friends on the local leaderboards.

Game Design: 

Gustav Linder, Max Herngren, Mattias Persson.


Victor Källqvist, Niclas Nettelbladt, Anton Kavousi, Sebastian Emanuelsson.