4 Jun 2017

Futuregames Students win at Swedish Game Awards again!

Our talented students have done it again and won half of the awards at this years Swedish Game Awards in Visby, Gotland.

  • Game of the Year: Rope’s Adventure by Dapperfish Productions
  • Best Execution in Audio: Pick your Potion by Witch Please Studios
  • Best Execution in Design: Rope’s Adventure by Dapperfish Productions
  • Best Technical Execution: Pick your Potion by Witch Please Studios

10 of our creative students from the 3 project teams Dapperfish Productions, Witch Please Studios, NaNa Productions took on the honor to represent their bigger Futuregames teams from Stockholm. They ventured to Visby excited and proud. From a good night sleep, they prepared a full day of games at SGA expo and were ready to show and let visitors try their games. A lot of visitors had not yet ever tried Virtual Reality and Oculus Rift and it was fun for the students to not only show their games but talk about the exciting development and experience of VR-productions.

A lot of visitors during the day had a good time and the Futuregames students were happy to find out that there were those that had seen the trailers beforehand and were looking forward to playing their games. Being able to show off their teams final game project at a great venue filled with talented people and industry veterans was an unforgettable experience.

“This was the first time we had a lot of people play testing Ropes and it was very exciting to see people enjoying something that we have made. It is incredibly cathartic to see people having fun when all you see are the issues with the game. A great feeling of honor and pride being there on behalf of FG and representing our team.” – Thomas Clamp FG15-Design

Meanwhile having fun showing their games the students had the honor of getting inspired of talented Tau Petersson from Stunlock Studios on stage. She gave her story from student to indie company and was much appreciated by the students. There was also a good panel specially put together with designers, artists and project leaders. The panel had a perfect level of discussions for all students and indies and they were able to ask questions and get good advice.

The students were excited and happy when it was time for the gala dinner and eager to find out the winners of the 8 awards this year. They got to know a lot of people from the industry and enjoyed their night with friends.

There were proud moments for Futuregames students getting called back to the stage for their four out of the eight awards. They were happy and was honored to be a part of all the talented people present. Just being nominated in all the eight categories was a pride and to win was for most a life changing experience that gave much motivation.

“Det är helt otroligt motiverade och efter många år av konstruktiv kritik var det härligt att skämmas bort av beröm och gratulationer. Som många av föreläsarna sade ‘Stay confident and belive in youself’. Allt detta beröm och erkännande hade aldrig varit möjligt utan Futuregames och mitt fantastiska team, detta känns som ett viktigt steg både i karriären så väl som i min personliga utveckling!” – Sofia Österlund FG16-3D

“Upplevelsen på SGA var något utöver det vanliga. Underbart folk, grymma spel, intressanta presentationer och priser gjorde SGA till ett av de bästa eventen jag har varit på.” – Joel Helin FG16-Design

Thank you for staying passionate and aiming for the stars:

Team: NaNa Productions
Per Stenbeck
Nora Silow
Joel Helin
Karin Hässler
Jonas Sundberg
Anton Holmquist
Laura Lohikoski
Karl Åbom
Jonas Holmedahl
Johannes Terhén Sundlöv

Team: Witch Please Studios
Victor Frydebo
Samson Wiklund
Andreas Lindholm
Anna-Karin Linder
Marcus Anglestad
Steven Webb
My Fransson
Emelie Samberg
Anna Asker
Sofia Österlund

Team: Dapperfish Productions
Jimmy Karlström
Thomas Clamp
Mattias Persson
Anders Petersson
Rasmus Westlund
Viktor Källkvist
Richard Brenick
Oskar Edlund
Henric Montelius

To summarize, it was a really fun weekend in beautiful Visby on a great event with good food and valuable team-building for students from Futuregames.

Thank you, Swedish Game Awards and Futuregames!