26 May 2017

On SGA 2017 – Student projects nominated


Students from Futuregames have once again for the third year been nominated with their games to Swedish Game Awards 2017. With the nominations in for this year it is only suitable to make the shoutouts to the Futuregames gameprojects that made it to the nominees!

Earlier years

Last year, the Futuregames student project Super Neon Drifter (Link) won the Best Execution in Art category. The year before that (2015), Adventure on Clover Island (Link) won both Game of the Year and Best Execution in Art. This even led to five students founding their own company in order to continue development ot the project and create a full-featured game (that was released last week!): Skylar & Plux:  Adventure On Clover Island (Link)

Here are the student projects coming from Futuregames that are nominated on this year’s SGA:

Rope’s Adventure

Nominated for: Game of the Year, Best Execution in Design, Best Execution in Art, Best Technical Execution

Ropes’ Adventure is a third person single player adventure game for all ages. You explore temples and a wonderful stylised hub-based open world trying to find the monkey treasure and your grandfather who disappeared years ago while trying to find the treasure. Following the success of Adventure on Clover Island back in 2015, this is a 3D platformer with a really cute art style and extremely tight controls so we’re really rooting for this game to take the prize!

The team behind Rope’s Adventure

Thomas Clamp – Gameplay Scripter/Game Designer
Jimmy Karlström – Game Designer/Scripter
Anders Petersson – Level Designer
Mattias Persson – Scripter
Henric Montelius – Environment Art
Oskar Edlund – Character Art & Env Art
Richard Brenick – Technical Animator
Rasmus Westlund – Environment Art
Victor Kallkqvist – Concept/UI Artist


Pick Your Potion

Nominated for: Best Execution in Art, Best Execution in Sound, Best Technical Execution

Pick Your Potion is a fantasy cooking game in VR, where you chop and grind gory magical ingredients for potion brewing for all the magical creatures in the forest. You play Pick Your Potion as the witch of the woods, to whom these creatures come to get help for their troubles. Your task is to brew potions that can solve their problems. When you get an order from a creature, you have to look for the right type of recipe in your bookshelf. The wonderful art and sound put together in this game really make the game atmospheric and just really nice to be in!

The team behind Pick your Potion

Andreas Lindholm – Design
Victor Frydebo – Design
Anna-Karin Linder – Design
My Fransson – 3d artist
Emelie Samberg – 3d artist
Sofia Österlund – 3d artist
Anna Asker – 2d artist
Marcus Anglestad – 2d artist
Steven Webb – 2d artist



Nominated for: Best Execution in Sound

Welcome to the cooking game show “KNOCK IT OFF!”. Your mission is to defend the cooking pot from bad ingredients by knocking them off a treadmill. Throw balls and grenades to protect your cooking pot, or use plastic fantastic ball gun! Listen to the music to get a head start on changes in the game. It’s a humorous and musically driven VR game that will make you start dancing to the beat while trying to knock down bad ingredients!

The team behind KNOCK IT OFF!

Nora Silow – Project manager/lead designer
Karin Hässler – 2D artist
Karl Åbom – FX/shader artist
Anton Holmqvist – 2D artist
Joel Helin – Designer/scripter
Jonas Sundberg – 2D artist
Per Stenbeck – Lead scripter/designer
Laura Lohikoski – Lead artist/animator
Jonas Holmedal – Enviroment artist/3D artist
Johannes Terhén Sundlöv – Props artist/3D artist