News 18 September, 2018

New Head Teacher of Game Design – Clara Parona

With a new school year up and running, it’s time to introduce our new Head Teacher of Game Design — Clara Parona!

Clara has 12 years of experience as an interaction and UX-designer within play- and game design both as an employee and founder.

After working at Ubisoft for five years as a game/level designer she had several cool titles for Xbox Kinect, Nintentdo Wii and Nintendo DS in her portfolio such as Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking, Motion Sports, We Dare and My Secret World.

At this point Clara decided to quit her job and open her own game-company Bad Seed, focused on games for mobile and PC which has released several praised games including The Beggar’s Ride, Sleep Attack TD and their debut title Sheep Up! which has over one million downloads.

Clara came to Stockholm in 2016 and started working at Toca Boca as a Game Play Designer but has now taken the step to become our Head Teacher of Game Design at FutureGames. Her approach to design is focused on innovation and surprising the players with a fresh twist to change the experience. “My job is an endless learning process, so I like to keep myself up to date with new games” says Clara. When asked about her style of teaching she replied “I want to do a lot of paper prototyping, because it is a very powerful tool to get new ideas”.

Fun fact: The first game Clara played was Samorost which lead her on her path to the game industry.

A very warm welcome to the FutureGames crew, Clara!