News 22 August, 2018

Narrative Design with Amelia Dale

Amelia Dale is a Narrative Designer and Game Writer, guest lecturing our second-year design students for the upcoming two weeks. Narrative Design is a broad area with many different fields to cover, and the aim is for students to leave the course knowing how to approach conceptual thinking,  world-building, character development, dialogue writing and much more.

Amelia has a background in writing and illustration, working with game companies like Resolution Games, Neat Corporation and Mojang. Prior to this she worked in advertising, writing scripts and developing digital products. “There are no typical days working as a Narrative Designer” says Amelia, “some days involve writing short barks and enemy chatter, whilst others you’re defining an overall concept or writing art guidelines. No two days are the same and that’s what makes the job so much fun!”

We’re very happy to have Amelia lecture at FutureGames and are looking forward to see how this influences the students’ upcoming projects.