News 27 February, 2019

Meetup about our educations, march 12

Welcome to a Meetup about Futuregames' higher vocational educations in game development. Tuesday March 12 at 17.00. We're inviting you to an evening about our programs Game Designer, Game Programmer, 2D Artist and 3D Artist.

Do you want to work with game development? Join us at our next Meetup and get to know more about our educations and mingle with students, teachers and staff.

We start off at 17.00 with a presentation by the Head of Educations and Head Teachers. Afterwards there will be an open mingle where you can talk to students, teachers and staff and ask all of your questions, as well as play student game projects.


Make sure to be on time so you don’t miss out!

Our higher vocational game development programs

Game Programmer

Get to know the work of today’s game development within game programming. Learn everything from programming in C++ and C# to AI (artificial intelligence) and working as a programmer in a game development team.

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Game Designer

Create amazing experiences through game design. At this program you will learn to create games through levels, production, gameplay, working in game engines and much more.

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2D Artist

Become an industry professional and create stunning 2D graphics and optemize a gamedeveloper team trough pre-production, mid-production and post-production. At the 2D Artist program you will dig deep into the fields such as UX (User Experience), texturing and more.

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3D Artist

Learn to work professionally with 3D graphics and give visual life to games. At this program you will learn everything from environmental art to game engines, lightning and rendering, sculpting and more.

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