Futuregames crew

Futuregames is growing and are in constant search for talented lecturers and tutors. Do you think you can help us educate the next generation of game developers? Then join futuregames crew! Give Mattias a call or an email at mattias@futuregames.se

Our game development experts

Head of Educations – Mattias Escudero Liljeqvist

Mattias is a passionate project manager and coach with more than 7 years of experience from building Sweden’s strongest ICT cluster Kista Science City. With responsibilities for boosting valuable cooperations between education and industry like City of Stockholm, Swedish ICT, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Almega, Ericsson, IBM, Microsoft and many European entrepreneurs, Mattias has built an expertise in producing and coaching valuable talents to modern industry.



Special Advisor from Epic Games – Sjoerd De Jong

Sjoerd has over 14 years of experience in the games industry and has worked for many high profile developers in his career including Guerrilla Games, Starbreeze and a dozen more. He is the Evangelist for the Unreal Engine in Europe, and also runs his own indie company Teotl Studios, known from The Ball, Unmechanical, and The Solus Project. He has an extensive technical background and is experienced in everything from level design to environment art, to scripting, to tech art. Sjoerd has been at Futuregames since the start in 2008 and has guided hundreds of students through the education and into the industry over the years.


Head of Game Design – Clara Parona





Head of 2D Graphics – Mihail Spil-Haufter

Mihail has over 10 years of experience as an artist in the games industry on various mobile, PC and console titles, from casual to hardcore games providing concepts and assets in different graphic styles. During his career he has covered all graphic areas in the games industry from concept art, 2D, 3D, environment and characters design and modelling to texturing, skinning and animation. In the past few years he has also been leading art teams for various mobile projects.


Head of Game Programming – Krister Cederlund





Head of 3D Graphics – Pontus Karlsson





Educations Coordinator – Linda Jefferson

Linda has ten years of experience working as an Educations Coordinator at Berghs School of Communications and also spent quite a few years coordinating conferences previous to that, always delivering high quality administrative processes and internal communication.




Communications Manager – Johanna Schramm

Johanna has a background in marketing and communications in the games industry including companies such as Avalanche Studios and Neat Corporation, as well as being a content creator and running her own Twitch channel.