14 May 2014

Guest lecturers on game design


Game design guests

The game design class of 2013 has had a whole bunch of guests over to hold lectures and talks over the past few weeks. Game design is a very broad subject that can be tackled from so many different angles. While some of our guests talked about game design in general, others talked more about the level design end of things.

Guest lecturers were:

  • Jens Andersson, previous Lead Designer at Starbreeze and LucasArt, currently working at his own game development company, Collecting Smiles, and he has previously worked on titles such as The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.
  • Tomas Holm, former student who is now a level designer at Fatshark.
  • Johannes Wadin, Lead Level Designer at Toadman Interactive, he previously worked at Avalanche and Lionhead (where he did a great deal of design work for Fable 3)
  • Filip Coulianos, a former student who is now a Level Designer at Dice, working on the new Mirror’s Edge game. Before Dice, he worked at Starbreeze on Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.
  • Erik Wonnewi, former FutureGames student who is currently at Talawa Games and part of the team that brought us Unmechanical. Unfortunatly we didn’t manage to get a picture of Erik, but you can watch him talk about how he became a game designer at Dreamhack a few years back by following this link:

With all of that experience, these guys certainly know what they are talking about, and we’re very happy that they’ve shared some of their time and knowledge with us.

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