News 7 August, 2018

FutureGames students Nominated to Swedish Game Awards 2018

The next Swedish Game Awards gala is just around the corner and no less than four FutureGames projects have been nominated for prizes in the prestigious competition. Each category offers unique prizes such as workshops, software licenses, tickets to Sweden Game Conference, spots at the game incubator Sting Games and cash.

Our students have been nominated with the following projects:

Kåddskogen: ‘Best Diversity Efforts’, ‘Best Execution in Art’ and ‘Best Execution in Narrative’

Ley Lines: ‘Best Technical Execution’ and ‘Best Execution in Art’

Symbiosis: ‘Best Execution in Design’ and ‘Best Execution in Art’

Fall Moon: ‘Best Mobile Execution’

A big shout out to the other FG projects that were submitted: Altiia and the Trial Islands, Codependence Day, Dilán, Echo, Godly, L.U.X in the Temple of Shadows, The Misadventures of Spiky and Voice of the Monolith. We’re so proud to see these awesome games being shared with the outside world, and best of luck to our nominees on the gala on Friday, 10th of August.