5 Oct 2016

Futuregames Meet’n Greet with the Games Industry

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Today, 19 game development companies have met with our Futuregames students at House of Change in SOFO, Stockholm, to network and exchange ideas about the games industry.

”We are delighted to see more than 20 companies taking part of today’s Meet´n Greet. I’m very happy to see the great interest they take in our students and the competence we teach. This is a sign of the continued expansion of the games industry in Stockholm,” said Sjoerd de Jong, Internship Coordinator at Futuregames.

Some of the game development companies present today have been Starbreeze, King, Avalanche, Fatshark, Dice, Paradox, Streamience, Toca Boca, NUX Studios, BoldArc, Oddraven Studios, Hazelight, Might and Delight, Rigid-Soft Studios, Starstable, Toadman Interactive, ScioVR, Mojang and Poppermost.

The aim with the day is for the students to connect with the games industry to find potential internships and future jobs, and also for the game development companies to meet with and get to know the competence of tomorrow.

“A very inspiring day. We are currently recruiting and looking for new talent. If you are part of our team, you’ll really be making a difference. We work with young talent”, said Viveka Pourshahidi CCO Jaramba.

”This has been an incredibly rewarding day that has opened up our eyes for many different companies. And it has also given us the chance to shine!” said Per Wahlfridsson, FG15 student.

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