News 24 September, 2013

Congratulations class of 2011!


After two years at Futuregames, the students of 2011 have now graduated!  Having spent the past six months at internships both in Sweden and abroad, they recently returned for a brief graduation gathering.

With many of them already employed at such companies as Paradox Interactive, Dice and Fatshark, we wish them all best of luck with their future careers in the games industry and at the same time extend our warmest welcomes to the new batch of students who will take their place.




Want to know at what companies they had their respective internships? Of course you do! Below is a comprehensive list of all the students and their whereabouts during the past six months.



Briki Amir Avalanche
Walfridson Benjamin Freelance Illustrator
Halldén Billy Dice
Duric Bojan Occludion
Palacios Carl Dice
Netzler Carmille Goo Technologies
Lovéus Cristoffer Machinegames
Kreusche Christoph Raketspel
Jönér Daniel Plotagon
Lindblom Daniel Zordix
Nadide Öcba Fatma Dice/Taleworlds
Marqvardt Fredric Axolot
Banefelt Jessica Plotagon
Fridlund Joakim Starbreeze
Larsen Joakim Dice/Paradox
Svärdsten Malin Plotagon/Gro Play
Grundin Mikaela Plotagon
Carlsson Oscar Polarbit
Ånberg Patrik Fatshark
Flodström Stina Yager
Badylak Tim Guerrilla Games
Game Designers


Timén Adam Fatshark
Uhr Andreas Larian
Öhman Christofer Larian
Piperac Danijel Starbreeze
Frisk Håkan Raketspel
Bäckström Ina Paradox
Cederholm Jennika Fatshark
Monks Lucan Raketspel
Lasan Mario Vanguard Games
Björn Pedro Plotagon
Garsten Tobias Freelance Game Journalist