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14 Jan 2019

Boden Gamecamp & More Internships

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Boden Gamecamp was opened last week – a new student living area in Boden Business park. Through the fast development in Savast, a solution was needed to house the students at Futuregames Indiespelutvecklare. Today the next big establishment was announced by Glorious Games Group, the company behind the popular game Stardoll.

“We are incredibly proud of this! All of this is another proof of that we’re doing the right thing. A fantastic development for everyone in the industry and in the region”, says Lars Lindqvist, Head of School and Business Developer at Changemaker Educations. The new student living area is only one of the great developments happening in the north. “I have a hard time even seeing all of the great things this investment is giving us and will keep giving, everything from cool events to new business establishments and stores, and I’m looking forward to seeing the continuation!”

Sarah Belhumeur från House of How har genomgång med studenter

Sarah Belhumeur from House of How with students

Today 50 people are studying in Boden Business park, but in just a couple of years it’s expected to be around 200 students. Through the new establishment of more game companies, internships are also opening up to the students, which benefits both the education and the industry. The latest addition to the game cluster is Glorious Games Group that announced the opening of a game studio in Boden today. During the internships, some of the students will develop mini games and player costumes for the game success Minecraft, together with House of How. The internships will also be taking place at Wanderworld, Glorious Games Group, Formsmedjan and Pixadome. Another big step in the right direction up north!