Us and the Industry

Industry Connection

Over 80% of our alumni currently work in the game and film industries in Sweden and beyond. We take pride in the level of experience of our teachers. Not only do we regularly bring in professionals from the game industry, covering their specialist areas in our courses, but our head teachers also have an extensive background in game development. We do not hire academics, we hire people with real-world game development experience, ensuring not only that our students have access to up-to-date knowledge, but are also able to build their professional network.

Every game project during the education is judged by a panel of industry professionals and we aim to cooperate with an industry partner for at least one project per class. In order to make sure that our high standards are met, we have a Board of Education consisting of representatives from various parts of the industry as well as students.

FutureGames is located at Södermalm – right in the game development cluster of Sweden, making contact and accessibility as easy as possible.

All of the above is what ensures top quality of our educations and prepares our students to dive straight into the industry after graduating.