Us and the Industry


FutureGames is a two year long higher vocational game development education located in Stockholm, Sweden. The education opened its doors in September 2008, and the first students graduated in September 2010.

  • Our educations are 90 weeks long (450 points), spread out over a two year period.
  • The education is full time, and we are an on-location only education.
  • Classes take place in Central Stockholm, Sweden.

About Us

FutureGames is organized by CM Education AB, who develop and carry through a number of YH educations in a number of creative sectors such as games, IT, and film.

CM Education and its sister company Changemaker AB have been running various game development educations since the late nineties. Over 700 students have passed through their game development educations, and over 200 guest speakers and teachers have been involved over the years. Over 80% of the students currently work in the game and film industries in Sweden and beyond.

We take pride in the level of experience of our teachers. Not only do we regularly bring in professionals from the extensive Stockholm games industry, our two head teachers also have a long background in game development.

Sjoerd De Jong is responsible for Game Design and the internship process. Adding in some international flavor this Dutch and Belgian professional has over a decade of experience in the industry. With a background in level design and environment art his experience spans from anything from working for big AAA studios such as Guerrilla Games and Starbreeze to working on a freelance basis for clients such as Epic Games and Digital Extremes, to running his own game studio, Teotl Studios.

Niclas Halvarsson takes care of 3D Graphics. A 3D generalist with six years experience on both games and film/commercials, he is now running his own freelance business.

For specialist classes we bring in guest teachers from the industry. Professionals who take care of the classes that they are best at. This ensures that the quality of our education is as high as possible, and as relevant to the work done in the industry as possible.

Industry Connection

We have on-going close contact with the industry. Our aim is to support and supply the games industry in Sweden, and abroad, with quality developers. We want to be an education run by developers, for developers.

All of our teachers come from the games industry. We do not hire academics, we hire people with real-world game development experience, ensuring not only that our students have access to up-to-date real world knowledge, but are also able to build out their network of contacts within the industry during the education.

Our Game Projects are always judged by a panel of industry professionals, for our third game project we aim to cooperate with an industry partner, and our Board of Education consists of people from various parts of the industry.

We are located in the heart of Södermalm, smack in the middle of dozens of game development studios. Our close proximity to so many studios and professionals enriches our education and leads to a close contact with the industry.