Our Values and Approach

Our Values and Approach

Our goal is a game development education done right. The education has a no nonsense approach and is all about “learning by doing – learning by reflection”.

Our students are thrown into the deep end at a very early stage, creating fully functional games straight away. Every year new students manage to create innovative and remarkable games from the very beginning of their education, learning by the process and evaluating the results afterwards.

Everything our students are assigned is geared towards acquiring the skills and knowledge to get a job in the industry. Whereas most universities are constrained by rigid structures, we offer a very agile and lean organization which is well equipped to a fast and ever evolving industry.

Our Students

We always strive for quality at FutureGames. Our students are hand picked from the many applicants based on work samples and an interview process. The students are accepted into the programs based on their readiness to become industry standard game developers in the short time frame that the education offers. During their time at FutureGames, all students are supervised on a one-to-one basis making sure that they’re pushed in the right direction based on their professional goals.

The study environment is made to mimic a game development studio with fixed work stations and access to the school at all times. We want our students to think and act like junior professionals from day one.

Futuregames alumni interview – Ivan Boström