Our Values and Students

Our Values and Approach

Our goal is a game development education done right. The education has a no nonsense approach and is all about “learning by doing – learning by reflection”

The perfect example of our hands-on approach is the start of every school year. The very first thing we have our students do when they start the education is immediately make a mobile game. After just a few days of teaching we throw our students into the deep, and expect them to deliver a fully functional iPad game in just two weeks time. Which, year after year, they manageable unimaginably well.

We bombard our students with knowledge throughout the education, and educate them by doing. Everything our students do during the education is geared towards acquiring the skills and knowledge to get a job in the industry. Whereas most universities are constrained by rigid structures, we offer a very agile and lean organization which is well equipped to a fast and ever evolving industry.

Our Students

We strive for quality. We take in just 36 highly motivated students a year no matter how many apply, to ensure that we are able to work with each student on a one to one basis, and to supply the industry with a small but well trained group of young professionals. Students are selected through their work samples and an interview process.

The study environment is made to mimic a game development studio. Students have a fixed workstation and desk that no one else but them uses, the languages spoken are a mixture of Swedish and English, and the school is open for the students 24/7. Our aim is to have an educational environment that is as close to the industry as possible. We want our students to think and act as young professionals, from day one.

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