About Changemaker Educations

We create educations that give you the right skills.
Now and in the future.

Changemaker Educations runs higher vocational educations, public higher educations and corporate training in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Arvika and Luleå. Changemaker Education AB is an independent limited company owned by Changemaker AB.

Changemaker Education’s full-time educations are conducted within the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education and the Folk High School. All educations allow financial aid from CSN and are carried out in cooperation with the industries. Higher vocational educations include between 25-30% LIA – “learning at work” internship at the companies.

We offer training in personal leadership skills, change management, Agile project management, game development, gamification, e-commerce, sales & marketing, communication and storytelling.

Our guiding principles in all our programs are:

  • action-based learning and agile development
  • professional teachers from the industry and projects with recruiting companies
  • personal leadership, entrepreneurship and long-term sustainable development

Our ambition is to develop and implement programs that give you the knowledge, skills and competencies to manage and succeed in a work environment that is under constant development.

Our goal is to provide you with the right competences and the right tools so contribute to positive impact in your new profession, or develop in your present one. We want students and employees who are equipped with relevant knowledge and the right attitude.

Changemaker Education is an experienced talent developer in the creative industries. We educate students and employees at the same time as we interact and influence in daily contact with our industries. Creative industries require constant development both in methods and services. A win-win for all parties.

Welcome to an exciting new future.
Tom Løyche, MD
Changemaker Education AB

Our view on learning

Core values
Our ambition is to create and develop courses that the industry needs and that gives participants new connections and employment. We provide educations that are up to date and flexible in the way they adapt to future challenges. Our programs are professional and close to real working conditions. Creativity and structure are core elements and the work is done with a professional attitude.

Our view on learning
We want students to learn that what we teach them is not the end result. After graduation they should constantly be putting themselves in learning situations. No answer is given. “Learning by doing – learning by reflection” is how we want students to learn. We learn by doing, examining and trying – often without knowing exactly how to solve the problems we face. Even the course-specific elements will be based on this method.

Coaches does not deliver given answers – they are a catalyst. As head of education and as teachers we convey frames and requirements regarding the education process. The process to push forward is own by the student. It is also the student’s responsibility to request coaching and support when the need arises.

Entrepreneurship, in our programs, is defined as the ability to push ideas. It is an attitude towards education, our context and work. It is an ability to transform and realize ideas. We define entrepreneurship as an attitude to problems being opportunities, and the ability to start and run businesses. Entrepreneurship is a theme through all our programs – from admission (work samples) to finish. Entrepreneurship is also key in the educational process as it is tested and developed during live projects.

About Changemaker AB

Changemaker Educations is a part of the Change Agency Changemaker AB. Collaborations, processes, out-of-the-box thinking and light bulb moments. We are change consultants. We help companies, organizations and individuals see things through new perspectives to find smart solutions to their problems or challenges.

Everything we do revolves around change and development; be it for ideas, products, schools or businesses. We help our clients to change themselves or aspects of their businesses successfully, by implementing our long knowledge of change methods, leadership and project leading, as well as a deeper understanding of the change process and its different phases. Our senior consultants have years of experience in Change Management, Competence Management and Organizational Development.

Read more about Changemaker at www.changemaker.nu.