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FutureGames is a higher vocational game development education located in Stockholm, Sweden. The education opened its doors in September 2008, and the first students graduated in September 2010. FutureGames and it’s predecessors have educated more than 1000 persons since 2001 to the Swedish Game Industry.

Our educations are between 90-110  weeks long (450-550 points), spread out over a two-three year period. The educations are full time, and we are an on-location only education. Classes take place in Central Stockholm, Sweden.

FutureGames also provide two-year-long educational programs together with Sunderby Folkhögskola in Boden; Indiespelutvecklare – Game Design and Indiespelutvecklare – Game Programmer.

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FutureGames is organized by CM Educations AB, who develop and carry through a number of YH educations and courses in a number of creative sectors such as games, IT, and film.

CM Education AB and its sister company Changemaker AB have been running various game development educations since the late nineties. Over 700 students have passed through their game development educations, and over 200 guest speakers and teachers have been involved over the years. Over 80% of the students currently work in the game and film industries in Sweden and beyond.

We are a change agency. Strategy, innovation, implementation, project and process management are among our greatest strengths.
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