16 Aug 2017

Futuregames 2D graphics program is now OPEN for application

Is your dream to become the next 2D Artist in the game industry? Join Futuregames’ unparalleled 2D graphics program aimed for you who seek to work with 2D asset creation, concept art, effects, UX, GUI or animation. Develop a core competence in game development by having teachers from leading game companies teaching you the tricks of the trade. Intense game projects are a part of the program where you, together with game designers and 3D artists, simulate professional game projects in order to reflect what you will be doing in the game industry and prepare you for the real world....
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4 Jun 2017

Futuregames Students win at Swedish Game Awards again!

Our talented students have done it again and won half of the awards at this years Swedish Game Awards in Visby, Gotland. Game of the Year: Rope’s Adventure by Dapperfish Productions Best Execution in Audio: Pick your Potion by Witch Please Studios Best Execution in Design: Rope’s Adventure by Dapperfish Productions Best Technical Execution: Pick your Potion by Witch Please Studios 10 of our creative students from the 3 project teams Dapperfish Productions, Witch Please Studios, NaNa Productions took on the honor to represent their bigger Futuregames teams from Stockholm. They ventured to Visby excited and proud. From a good...
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26 May 2017

On SGA 2017 – Student projects nominated

Students from Futuregames have once again for the third year been nominated with their games to Swedish Game Awards 2017. With the nominations in for this year it is only suitable to make the shoutouts to the Futuregames gameprojects that made it to the nominees! Earlier years Last year, the Futuregames student project Super Neon Drifter (Link) won the Best Execution in Art category. The year before that (2015), Adventure on Clover Island (Link) won both Game of the Year and Best Execution in Art. This even led to five students founding their own company in order to continue development ot the project and create a full-featured game...
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